Broward and Palm Beach County Traffic Attorneys Discuss New ID Requirements for Driver’s Licenses

leifertlaw January 13, 2010 Traffic Defense

As of January 1, Florida drivers will have to show at least four pieces of identification to receive a new driver’s license or identification card. The changes are in keeping with the federal REAL ID Act, which sets a nationwide standard for issuing driver’s licenses and IDs.

One piece of identification is “primary identification” and can include an original birth certificate or passport. A green card or visa can be used by immigrants or foreign nationals. Those seeking a driver’s license will also need to show a social security number, which can be in the form of a paycheck, w-2 form, and other forms. In addition, applicants must show two proofs of a residential address such as a utility bill, a mortgage statement, or a voter registration card.

Before the new guidelines went into effect, those with an old driver’s license or an out-of-state license need only hand over the old license to receive a new one. Now their documents will be scanned and sent to state and federal agencies to be verified. Officials predict that this could lead to long lines at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Source: VIDEO/POLL: Tougher background checks will slow those seeking Florida driver license,, December 30, 2009
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