Fort Lauderdale Arson Suspect Locked Up After Domestic Incident

leifertlaw May 26, 2011 Felony

A 26-year-old woman was recently arrested in Fort Lauderdale after authorities contend she got into a fight with her ex-husband, tried to burn down his house and then run him over, NBC News reports.

Arson in Florida is considered a first-degree felony, which means it’s punishable by up to 30 years in prison. Often, an arson charge can be reduced to a less-serious charge with the help of an aggressive and experienced Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney, but it requires experience, dedication and knowledge of the criminal justice system to obtain the best results.

Along with two counts of arson, the woman is also charged with aggravated assault and burglary. According to the news report, the woman and her ex-husband got into a fight on Southwest 4th Court in Fort Lauderdale after which she allegedly set the house and his car on fire before trying to run him over.

The story is a prime example of a very bad day turning into a potentially devastating lifelong problem for a person. It’s times like these when a team of former prosecutors should be called on to stand by your side. These are serious felony crimes in Broward County and could result in dozens of years of imprisonment.

That’s why you should consult with an attorney as soon as possible. After police make an arrest, the state attorney’s office has a certain amount of time to review the case and decide how they will file charges or if they will file charges at all. This is one of the most critical points of the case because having an advocate can result in some charges not being filed or less-serious charges being filed against you.

Think about it: If arson charges by police are reduced to criminal mischief charges by prosecutors you are in a better position to negotiate down the road. Not to mention, criminal mischief is a misdemeanor and arson is a felony. Acting quickly is important.

Domestic violence crimes aren’t uncommon. According to statistics from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, there were more than 6,800 domestic violence related crimes in Broward County and another 5,700 in Palm Beach County in 2010.

The U.S. Constitution requires that everyone has a defense and you should look no further. Consult today if you face these types of charges or any other criminal charges in Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach County or elsewhere in South Florida.

If you need to speak with an arson defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale, contact Leifert & Leifert at 954-523-9600 or 561-988-8000 for a free consultation.

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