Prosecutors and Police may conduct a thorough investigation when they receive a report of alleged domestic violence. The Police and Prosecution may not disclose everything they do to investigate the claim, but you have the right to Legal Counsel and refuse to answer questions during the investigation. Further, state law enables you to access the evidence the Prosecution has regarding the claim after they file charges.

A defense Attorney understands the types of evidence used in Boca Raton domestic violence claims. They can present legal arguments on your behalf and submit evidence to prove the allegations are not credible. Having an experienced Legal Team on your side can set you up for success and build a strong case in your favor.

How Do Police Collect Evidence in Domestic Violence Cases?

Police in Boca Raton collect evidence in domestic violence cases by responding to the initial 911 call or complaint. They may enter the alleged victim’s home, where the Police will interview the alleged victim and any witnesses, take photographs, and document what they find. In some cases, a person may go to the police station when they first report the incident or later on and give statements about what they say occurred.

The Police might then follow leads and gather additional evidence based on what they find at the home or what someone tells them. They may call in the person the alleged victim says perpetrated the abuse and ask them questions about what happened. Under the U.S Constitution, a person has the right to have an Attorney present during police interrogations and the right to remain silent.

Evidence Prosecutors Use in Domestic Violence Claims

Prosecutors may use many types of evidence to help support their cases, including photographs, audio or video recordings, written statements, testimony, and medical records. The Prosecutors may also use physical evidence, such as DNA, clothing, weapons, or other items connected to the incident.

A person has the right to receive notice about what the Prosecutors have in their custody connected to the case. For example, if they have evidence that undermines their case, the Prosecutors must turn that over to the defense and the Court. A domestic violence defense Attorney in Boca Raton understands the rules of evidence and can help locate and highlight materials showing a person is innocent of the crime.

Can a Person Challenge the Evidence the State Uses in a Domestic Violence Case?

The person accused of domestic violence can present evidence in their favor during Boca Raton domestic violence cases. They also have the right to make a statement to explain their side of the matter and to call witnesses to support them. Additionally, they can challenge the testimony and evidence the state puts forth.

An Attorney can help the accused address the evidence presented by the State. They understand the rules about questioning witnesses and how to object to evidence in Court. Defense Attorneys support the best interests of a Client rather than the government.

An Attorney Can Help a Person Understand Evidence in Boca Raton Domestic Violence Claims

It can be overwhelming to find the Prosecution is charging you with domestic violence charges. You may have questions about the evidence in Boca Raton domestic violence claims and how you can address evidence unfavorable to your side of the story. An Attorney can help you accomplish this and fight for your best interests at trial.

You do not have to face these charges on your own. A defense Attorney can advocate for you during the process to ensure the Prosecution and Police follow the procedures required by law. Further, they can negotiate with the Prosecution to obtain a favorable deal and minimize the repercussions of the charges. Contact Leifert & Leifert today to learn more about your legal options.

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