Most people understand shoplifting is a form of theft. However, State law places enhanced penalties on this activity, and an arrest could lead to a prosecution and conviction that significantly impacts your future. Understanding the justification and potential consequences of Boca Raton shoplifting arrests is essential.

Hiring a seasoned Attorney to handle your case after an arrest can lead to a better outcome. Leifert & Leifert is prepared to work with you while still in custody to limit Police tactics that could damage your case. They can explain how a conviction could affect your life and develop a defense that helps prevent this outcome.

What to Expect After a Shoplifting Arrest

The most important thing to remember about any arrest is that Police Officers are not on your side. Their main goal is to gather additional evidence that helps a Prosecutor bring a case to Court and obtain a conviction. However, you can take steps to protect yourself during and after an arrest.

All people have the right to remain silent during and after an arrest. Apart from providing identifying information about themselves during booking, a person is never required to speak with Law Enforcement. In fact, talking with the Police rarely brings a better outcome. Once Police have made an arrest, it is almost certain that a case will move on to Court. As a result, it is usually best for people to politely but firmly state that they will not answer any questions about the incident.

Another option is to have Legal Representation present during the booking process. A Lawyer in Boca Raton helps after shoplifting arrests by reinforcing a person’s right to refuse to talk. They can also ensure any lineups that Police perform adhere to state regulations. In short, an Attorney helps limit the information Police may gather during the arrest process.

Limiting the Impact of an Arrest for Shoplifting

Allegations related to shoplifting are serious matters. While most incidents will fall under the umbrellas of the State’s theft laws, Prosecutors and Courts take accusations of shoplifting extremely seriously.

The state’s inclusive definition of retail theft reflects this fact. Under Florida Statute § 812.015, it is a violation of the law to take any possession of merchandise with the intent to deprive the owner of that item. This means a shoplifting arrest in Boca Raton may occur even if an item never leaves the store.

The seriousness of the charge depends mainly on the value of the items involved. Many examples are petit thefts, which are Misdemeanors in the eyes of the law. However, theft can also be a Felony if the item’s value rises to $750 or more. Additionally, Felony charges can result when a person commits additional shoplifting offenses within 30 days. A Legal Representative can provide further information about the potential consequences of shoplifting convictions.

Speak with a Lawyer Now to Learn More About Boca Raton Shoplifting Arrests

A Boca Raton shoplifting arrest has the potential to affect many parts of your life. Sadly, the mere suspicion that you intended to take an item from a store without paying for it can justify an arrest and lead to a conviction. It is vital to understand what to expect during an arrest and how to protect yourself.

Having an Attorney by your side can bring essential support. A Lawyer can explain how the state’s shoplifting laws work, explore the facts that led to your arrest, and protect you against aggressive Police tactics while in custody. These plans can help limit the evidence that Law Enforcement gathers and their chances of obtaining a conviction at trial. Speak with an attorney now to discuss your case.

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