An arrest upon suspicion of committing a hit and run means Law Enforcement has probable cause to believe you have left the scene of an accident. However, like every other criminal accusation, an arrest is never proof of guilt. In fact, Police Officers often attempt to use the trauma involved in an arrest to obtain more evidence about the incident, making an eventual conviction in Court more likely.

Because of this, knowing what to do during and after Boca Raton hit and run arrests could help protect your rights and legal future. Talking with a seasoned Attorney today can help you while still in Police custody, during initial Court hearings, and promote powerful defenses at trial.

The Basis for Hit and Run Arrests

A pair of statutes under the state’s criminal code makes leaving the scene of an accident a crime. One is Florida Statute § 316.061, which makes it a Misdemeanor to flee from the scene of an accident that results in damage to another’s vehicle. Convictions under this law could result in a Jail sentence of up to one year.

Other cases will revolve around allegations that a driver left the scene of a crash that resulted in physical injury or death to another person. According to Florida Statute § 316.027, these cases are Felonies where convictions can result in a Prison term of up to 20 years.

By their nature, these arrests in Boca Raton often occur days or even weeks after the hit and run accident. Because of this, hiring a Lawyer to handle the case could help an individual prepare official statements to provide to Law Enforcement if an arrest becomes unavoidable.

Providing Legal Protection After an Arrest

While an arrest upon suspicion of a hit and run may seem like the end of the Police work in a case, this is never the truth. Officers continue to attempt to obtain additional information about the alleged offense in the hours following an arrest and formal booking. This can take the form of:

  • Requesting that arrestees make formal, recorded statements.
  • Placing informants in holding cells
  • Demanding that arrestees provide more information about themselves and their vehicles than is necessary for the booking process.

Having an Attorney by one’s side during this process can act as a shield against these aggressive and powerful tactics. A Lawyer can help guide the formal interrogation process and advise people when to remain silent. They can also push for a quick appearance in Court for an arraignment likely to result in a release on bail. In short, while an arrest for a hit-and-run in Boca Raton may be unavoidable, having Legal Support can help limit the damaging impact of this event on a person’s future.

Contact an Attorney for Help Following Boca Raton Hit and Run Arrests

If you have been arrested after a supposed hit and run, you need to act quickly to protect yourself. Police Officers making an arrest will still try to obtain additional evidence that builds a case against you for an eventual conviction. This means you need to be aware of your actions while in Police custody up through arraignment and setting bail conditions.

Having a Lawyer on your side during Boca Raton hit and run arrests can bring essential support. They can fully explain the laws that affect your case, protect you against aggressive Police tactics, and push for a prompt and fair bail hearing that ends the ordeal as quickly as possible. Call today to see how Leifert & Leifert is ready to help you.

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