It can be critical to discuss expectations Ft Lauderdale attempt to elude an officer charges with an established criminal attorney. Evading responsibility is a third-degree felony punishable by up to five years in the Florida State Prison. It could help give you peace of mind to speak with a lawyer before trial about what to expect from the prosecution of evading responsibility cases.

What Officers Look for When Pulling Someone Over

Expectations Ft Lauderdale attempt to elude an officer charges can include knowing what law enforcement look for when pulling someone over. An officer typically looks for obvious signs of an individual who is violating this particular provision under the law. Examples would be individuals who accelerate by recklessly and erratically changing lanes and somebody who acknowledges the police officer’s presence.

How Important is an Officer’s Perspective?

If the police officer is in a position to see the reflection in a rearview or a side-view mirror, that could mean reckless or irresponsible driving was not apparent prior to the attempt to stop, but manifested after the officer’s attempt to make the traffic stop.

In the minds of a police officer it is usually a good indication of somebody’s intent as to whether or not they are violating that particular law, attempting to elude, or fleeing and eluding. It can be important for an individual to discuss expectations Ft Lauderdale attempt to elude an officer charges with a lawyer.

Expectations from the Officer

In Fort Lauderdale, evading a charge is a felony offense that carries with it mandatory conviction and a mandatory suspension of the driver’s license. They should expect some rigidity on the part of the prosecutor and state attorney’s office, because of how the statute is written and what the mandatory penalties are.

How Can Someone Handle an Evading Charge?

Individuals need to secure competent and experienced legal counsel who can help them with expectations Ft Lauderdale attempt to elude an officer charges. They can speak with the individual about the misdemeanor charge called failure to obey a police officer.

That is a relatively common reduction of charge from fleeing and eluding, which would allow an individual not only to escape prosecution but escape the mandatory conviction and the mandatory driver’s license suspension or revocation.

How a Lawyer Can Help Throughout the Criminal Case

Fort Lauderdale traffic lawyers can help by exercising or mounting a solid legal defense just like any other case. Defense expectations Ft Lauderdale attempt to elude an officer charges can include entering a plea of not guilty, challenging the government’s case, challenging the lawfulness of the traffic stop, challenging the weight of the evidence by taking depositions, and filing any pretrial motions that might be appropriate to exclude evidence to dismiss the charges.

If those things are not successful, then they would try negotiating with the prosecutor for an alternative resolution that does not trigger those mandatory penalties. If still not successful, then they discuss the possibility of taking the case to trial in the hopes that a jury would find an individual not guilty of the violation.

Attempt to Elude an Officer
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