Reckless driving by accident charges can lead to jail time and significant fines. If you are facing charges, you should reach out to our attorneys from Leifert & Leifert. Our team could help you with building a Ft. Lauderdale reckless driving by accident defense. Call an accomplished reckless driving by accident lawyer today and set up a consultation.

What to Know About Reckless Driving by Accident Cases

A person charged with reckless driving by accident may want to obtain an experienced attorney because the penalties for this offense are higher than a regular reckless driving offense. With the help of a lawyer, it might be easier building a Ft. Lauderdale reckless driving by accident defense.

In reckless driving cases not involving an accident, the police officer witnesses the driving behavior, pulls over the driver, and issues them a criminal citation. In a reckless driving case where there is an accident, an officer is rarely there to witness the wreck. Therefore, the officer has to rely on observations from eye-witness testimony from individuals in the other car involved in the accident or third-party witnesses.

Third-party witnesses and witnesses involved in the wreck are less likely to appear in court to testify than law enforcement. It is part of an officer’s job to appear in court on a regular basis. Accident cases require more proof than regular reckless driving cases.

How an Attorney Could Help with a Defense

When building a defense for reckless driving by accident, a Ft. Lauderdale lawyer will have an initial interview with the defendant to see what their version of the events is. Many times, the first time an individual has an opportunity to tell their story is to their attorney. This interview will how the lawyer to determine if there are any defense witnesses and what defenses may be available. After learning the facts of the case, an attorney could work to begin working on how to get the penalties mitigated or the charges dropped.

In many of these cases, if it looks like the government has a strong case, a lawyer would advise the defendant to not pick up any new charges, even minor traffic infractions, while the case is pending.

Crucial Steps a Defense Lawyer Will Take

The steps an attorney will take to help the defendant with this type of case include investigating any defenses that an individual might have against the charge of reckless driving. This involves going through the discovery process, making sure that there are sufficient facts for the government to prove the allegations, seeing what can be done to put the defendant in a position to get the charges dismissed either through filing motions to dismiss, motions to suppress, and negotiations with the prosecutor. After that, they will see what they can do to get the charges reduced from a criminal charge to a non-criminal charge.

There is a very fine line between reckless driving and careless driving or reckless driving and negligent driving. That is a function of what the facts of the case are, an individual’s history, or driver’s license history or lack thereof. A lawyer will look or ways to minimize the charge. Call a lawyer from Leifert & Leifert today for help with building a Ft. Lauderdale reckless driving by accident defense.

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