For many people, domestic violence suggests physical acts of violence between spouses or family members. According to the law, domestic violence can also include conflict between people that live together. If your roommate accuses you of violence, it is vital to seek help from a dedicated defense Attorney.

Aggressive actions involving roommates have the potential to lead to an arrest. Arrests can also stem from mistakes and misunderstandings. Before you consider accepting a plea bargain, reach out to a Wellington roommate violence Lawyer.

Why is Roommate Violence Different?

Any act of violence against another person has the potential to result in criminal charges. Every day, the Police make arrests based on allegations of assault and battery. That said, accusations of violence between roommates can carry additional consequences because the law often treats them as domestic violence.

Domestic violence covers a wide range of criminal acts. These offenses involve acts of violence against family or household members. Family or household members include parents, spouses, ex-spouses, co-parents, and even roommates. There is no requirement for a romantic or familial relationship between roommates.

A criminal charge categorized as domestic violence is serious, given that it could result in additional criminal consequences. The penalties for domestic assault are usually higher than standard assault.

There are different ways a Wellington Attorney could approach a roommate violence case. They could argue the parties involved are not roommates according to the law. They could also argue that no act of violence actually occurred.

Consequences of Roommate Violence

Like any criminal charges, an arrest and conviction for roommate violence carry penalties written into statute. These primarily involve Jail time or fines. Depending on the circumstances, these charges could be Misdemeanors or Felonies. A person convicted of a Misdemeanor could spend a year in Jail, while a Felony could result in substantially more time behind bars.

Collateral consequences are also part of a criminal conviction. When it comes to roommate violence, these consequences can be steep. A conviction for domestic violence can result in the loss of important rights like the right to vote or own firearms. A Felony conviction also carries similar long-term consequences.

A criminal conviction can impact other areas of a person’s life. It could lead to the loss of a job or future employment opportunities. It could also result in the loss of reputation or difficulty finding appropriate housing. These collateral consequences can often last longer than Jail time.

It is critical to remember that these consequences are never guaranteed. Every person accused of roommate violence has the right to defend themselves. With the help of a Lawyer in Wellington, it could be possible to beat roommate violence charges or reduce the consequences of a conviction. A legal representative could win at trial or resolve the case with a reasonable plea agreement.

Contact a Wellington Roommate Violence Attorney Today

Facing allegations of roommate violence is never easy. Thankfully, you never have to deal with these allegations on your own. Strong Legal Counsel could provide you with the best possible outcome in a criminal case. Let a Wellington roommate violence Lawyer help you defend your rights. Reach out right away for a private consultation.

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