There are unique challenges when defending against allegations of spousal abuse. Prosecutors typically take these charges seriously, and the sensitive nature of violence between spouses can make defending yourself a challenge. Thankfully, you never have to protect yourself alone. A Wellington spousal abuse Lawyer could help you develop a defense strategy.

Allegations of spousal abuse do not always result in a criminal conviction. When you rely on the guidance of a dedicated defense Attorney, you can limit the criminal liability you face. In some cases, you could avoid a conviction altogether.

What is Spousal Abuse?

The term spousal abuse applies to a wide range of behaviors. These acts involve married couples but do not always result in physical injury. A spousal abuse Lawyer in Wellington could help defend against the following accusations:

Each of these allegations already represents a criminal act. However, the penalties associated with a spousal violence conviction are much higher when the alleged victim is a spouse or former spouse.

Consequences of Spousal Abuse Convictions

Many different potential consequences can come from a successful spousal abuse prosecution. A person convicted of spousal abuse will likely face statutory penalties like Jail time or fines. The specific penalty will depend on the type of criminal charge the state brings. For example, domestic battery convictions are often first-degree Misdemeanors. That means they can lead to a year in Jail. However, the law considers more severe forms of spousal abuse Felonies. A conviction for kidnapping a spouse could lead to 30 years in Prison and extensive monetary fines.

There are also collateral consequences to consider. Any person convicted of a domestic violence offense could lose a number of their constitutional rights. For example, a domestic violence conviction results in the loss of the right to own or possess firearms. If the law charges a spousal abuse case as a Felony, a conviction could also cost the accused their right to vote.

Not all collateral consequences have to do with constitutional rights. A person convicted of spousal abuse could also face hardships related to their employment, including the loss of a job or other employment opportunities. An Attorney in Wellington could work to ensure an individual does not face these spousal abuse penalties.

Does Spousal Abuse Include Former Spouses?

Spousal abuse is a type of domestic abuse, according to state law. This is important to understand, as an act of domestic violence is likely to carry steeper consequences than a standard assault charge. The law treats acts of abuse toward a former spouse the same as a current spouse. In fact, domestic abuse impacts a wide range of relationships. A domestic abuse charge could be appropriate when there are allegations of abuse toward the following parties:

  • Spouses
  • Ex-spouses
  • Romantic partners
  • Co-parents
  • Siblings
  • Roommates

Any of these cases could carry significant consequences—but only with a conviction. A strong defense by a spousal abuse Lawyer in Wellington could avoid a conviction and the penalties that come with it.

Call a Wellington Spousal Abuse Attorney

If you are facing allegations of spousal abuse, there is no time to delay your defense. The Prosecution will not wait to create the strongest possible case against you. The right Attorney could help you build a winning defense in your case. Contact a Wellington spousal abuse Lawyer right away. Our team can protect your rights throughout this process.

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