Teenagers and young adults make mistakes. Sometimes, they make bad decisions. If those foolish mistakes involve getting behind the wheel of a car while drunk (DUI) or under the influence of any drug, the consequences can be life changing. A young adult caught driving under the influence could face severe legal penalties that impact their ability to apply for a job, housing or school loan, or even affect their standing in school.

If your child made a wrong choice, they should not have to bear the consequences of that mistake in judgment for the rest of their life. A Wellington underage DUI Lawyer could fight hard on their behalf to help reach a favorable outcome. A practiced Attorney is ready to protect their rights.

The Legal Limit is Different for Underage Drivers

The legal blood alcohol limit for a driver in this state is 0.08 percent. If a driver has a higher level, they could face DUI charges. However, if a motorist is underage, the standard is different. Because it is unlawful for someone under 21 to drink alcohol, State law indicates that driving with alcohol in their system is illegal. If an underage driver’s blood alcohol content is 0.02 percent or higher, they could face DUI charges which bring harsh legal penalties.

An experienced Attorney in Wellington can explain the potential legal consequences to a family, ensuring they fully understand the possible punishments of an underage DUI.

How to Fight an Underage DUI Charge

A dedicated Lawyer could help a Wellington family fight an underage drunk driving charge by performing a thorough investigation. They could begin by reviewing the Police procedure to see if Law Enforcement Officers acted legally and correctly during a traffic stop and arrest. An arrest might not be legal if the Police stopped the car without valid grounds for performing a check. For instance, a Legal Representative can check to see if the police officer noted any driving abnormalities that justified the stop.

Similarly, if a driver exhibited no behaviors, such as slurred speech, that indicated they were drunk, the Police might have had no cause to reasonably suspect the underage driver was intoxicated. Sometimes Police misinterpret field sobriety tests or force people to perform them under stressful situations, such as on the side of a busy highway. A Legal Team can also check to see if the Police informed a driver of their rights before asking them to take a breathalyzer test or arresting them. If the Police violated an individual’s constitutional rights during a stop or arrest, all of the evidence seized during an arrest, such as the breathalyzer test results, could be ruled inadmissible.

A hardworking Legal Team can also attack the validity of the blood alcohol tests. Chemical tests are not always accurate, and there is often a margin of error that could influence the outcome. Our Lawyers can search for a weakness in the Prosecution’s case to help an accused driver get the best result.

Retain a Dedicated Wellington Underage DUI Attorney

If convicted of underage drinking and driving, you could lose your driving privileges for a long time. The conviction could also hurt your future educational and career opportunities. You need to work with a Legal Team that can protect your rights.

Anytime you face these charges, securing the assistance of a skilled Wellington underage DUI lawyer is critical. A seasoned Attorney can make a big difference. Contact Leifert & Leifert today.

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