When a client first retains an attorney, they are often both frightened and concerned about going to jail, and how being arrested will affect their livelihood or lifestyle. An assault charge is an act of violence. This could have repercussions for the person’s job, profession, and domestic relationship.

To both understand the elements and severity behind a West Palm Beach assault charge, it is important to consult with an attorney as soon as possible. An experienced assault attorney in West Palm Beach can help an individual effectively defend against their charge with the hope of reducing or dismissing any significant penalties.

Potential Consequences of an Assault Conviction

Being charged with an act of violence could forfeit an individual’s opportunity to do volunteer work in many institutions. If the person charged is a professional, i.e., a doctor, physical therapist, nurse, or someone in the medical field, they will not be allowed around patients as they are considered to be vulnerable, and the professional is deemed to be in a position of trust.

No employer is going to let a person accused with a violent crime touch or be close to any client, customer, or patient, at least pending the outcome of the case. Once the outcome of the case has been reached, they will want to review the facts of the case and make their own decision from a licensing and liability point of view.

Social Repercussions of Severe Charges

In certain situations, persons charged with acts of violence have been banned from country clubs, golf clubs, restaurants, and other community groups and common community areas in order to protect other members of the association.

Their final decision may not be based on the final outcome of the court case but based on their own rules and any other facts or circumstances that apply to the unique situation at hand.

Benefit of an Attorney

The intimidation of a West Palm Beach assault charge can be severe. The main benefit of hiring a lawyer is to make sure that all the facts being presented against an individual are facts that were legally obtained and are legally presentable. The attorney will be an advocate for their client to discuss the facts and circumstances of their case.

If a criminal defendant does not have a lawyer and does not have legal training, they will not have an advocate to help them through the criminal process. They will be at a severe disadvantage in the court arena, both in substance and procedure.

A criminal defendant has the right to remain silent, because everything they say can and will be used against them in a court of law. An attorney would represent the defendant, appear in court for the defendant, go through any evidence that was gathered to make sure it was gathered legally, and if it was gathered legally, whether or not it can be legally presented against the defendant. This can help lessen the severity of an assault charge in West Palm Beach.

An experienced attorney can formulate defenses to rebut the evidence that is being presented against the defendant and to design a resolution of the case short of going to trial that would prevent any negative effect on a client’s livelihood or lifestyle. To get started on protecting your rights, reach out to our office today.

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