While the true frequency of domestic violence false accusations in West Palm Beach may be difficult to determine, Defendants regularly claim it occurs at a high rate. Given the potential consequences of a criminal conviction, a person facing a domestic violence charge is recommended to consult an accomplished domestic violence Attorney before proceeding with their case. Call us at Leifert & Leifert and set up a consultation today.

Alcohol Usage Impacts Domestic Violence Claims

West Palm Beach domestic violence false accusations often center around alcohol use since intoxicated individuals may not realize what happened, what they did, or what they said. A person may wake up the next morning and realize that they overreacted or perceived things differently than the way that they occurred. Once a person has time to think about the previous night’s events, they may realize they made a mistake when making a complaint.

Family Abuse Allegations Could Give the Accuser Leverage Over Property and Family

While false claims of family abuse may occur under different circumstances in West Palm Beach, a Defendant and their Attorney could determine the accuser’s intentions behind the domestic violence accusation. In certain cases, an allegation could be used for leverage. If a married couple is planning to break up, having the husband or wife arrested could be used as leverage over property disputes. Since the arrested individuals may not be able to return home, the accuser could get the property to themselves and to use however they please. Once accused of domestic violence, a Defendant may also have their kids taken away from them. Whether it is for leverage over property, family members, or in the relationship, false accusations are a regular occurrence. An accusation could make a Defendant sign a no-contact order and force them to clean out the house and leave.

How to Guard Against Allegations of Family Violence

If a significant other with a history of false accusations starts yelling at a person, the individual is recommended to take out a phone and start recording the incident. If the police ever call, the video could be used by Defendants to fight against false accusations of domestic violence. Individuals are recommended to leave any situation that they believe may escalate to violence. It is not advisable to stay in such a place without recording the event.

If an individual in West Palm Beach believes they are in a position in which they might be falsely accused of domestic violence, it could be beneficial to get some type of monitoring or recording device in the house or on their person. A  Lawyer familiar with cases of false accusations could use the audio or video recording to build a person’s defense case.

Maintaining Innocence Following a Domestic Violence False Accusation in West Palm Beach

A person facing a family violence accusation may want to hire an experienced Attorney in the local jurisdiction with which they have been charged. Once given the facts and circumstances of a Defendant’s case, the Lawyer could tell them what steps they could do to help maintain their innocence.

Defendants should not give any statements or admissions to the Police or any other party, which could include the accuser. They could clean up as best as they are able and deny Law Enforcement the evidence that they need to prove their guilt. Call an Attorney experienced with domestic violence false accusations in West Palm Beach before speaking to the authorities.

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