If you have been charged with a risk of injury to a minor offense, it is important that you get in touch with a determined risk of injury Attorney. A knowledgeable Lawyer could answer any questions you may have and help you navigate the West Palm Beach risk of injury case process. Speak with an experienced Legal Advocate that could build a solid defense for you.

Risk of Injury to Mental Health vs Risk of Injury to Physical Well-Being

The good mental health of a child could lead to the good physical well-being of a child. Poor mental health can result in poor physical health, so the two are related. If someone does not feel good about themselves or is mentally abused by their parents, that is going to affect their physical well-being. Physical and mental well-being go hand-in-hand. Thus, there is no difference between placing a child under mental risk of injury and placing them at physical risk of injury. During the risk of injury case process in West Palm Beach, the Prosecution will often make sure that the connection between the two is well-understood.

Criminal Court Process Following a Risk of Injury Arrest

If someone is charged in criminal Court with causing an injury to a minor and is arrested for that, most likely they are going to be held overnight before they can get released, whether on bail or under any conditions. They are going to be put in front of a Judge within 24 hours of their arrest. A Judge is going to make sure that there is a reason to believe that the person may have committed this crime and that the police were right to arrest them. This does not mean that they are guilty, but just that there were sufficient facts to show that the person may have committed this crime.

The next step would be to protect the child from any future harm, to protect the community from any future harm, and to determine whether or not the person will come back to court if released. The person is not going to be able to just walk out of Jail. The case is going to be evaluated by a Judge. During the risk of injury case process the Judge in West Palm Beach probably is not going to allow the person to have contact with the minor children until there is a Department of Children and Families investigation and conclusion as to whether or not the Department believes that the accused is capable of being around the alleged victim without any risk of future harm to that child.

Role of an Attorney During a West Palm Beach Risk of Injury to a Minor Case Process

Risk of injury Lawyers could play a massive role in the West Palm Beach risk of injury to a minor case process. They are advocates for the accused and often want to help the Prosecutor and the Court understand that the defendant is not a monster. There may have been circumstances that led to the incident, maybe behavior issues at home or perhaps the child could be physical or verbal in confronting their parents. The child may be defiant in not following rules of the household. The child might have behavioral issues dealing with drugs or any other type of inappropriate conduct. It is the role of the Lawyer to show officials that the defendant is not a crazy or violent person, and they did not intend to harm their child. Lawyers can establish that it was an accident or put it in the appropriate context as to why the alleged risk happened.

There is usually some type of explanation as to why this is happening and a context to put this into so that the Lawyer can explain it in a way that makes sense and can take appropriate steps with a potential client to show the court and prosecutor why the  is getting educated or getting rehabilitated to ensure that this behavior is not going to happen again. It is the Lawyer’s job to educate all the parties involved, including the charged individual, the investigator, the prosecutor, and the judge, as to all of the mitigating factors in the case. It is the role of a risk of injury Lawyer to explain the conduct, diminish the fear of any future reoccurrence, and to establish by way of convincing evidence that the minor child in question is not in any danger, that they are being protected, and that this is a lesson that has been learned and the client is moving forward. Lawyers may get professional opinions, psychiatrists, psychologists, or behavioral therapists on board to testify that, in their professional capacity, they have evaluated the individual and the child, they understand what has happened, and, through behavioral therapy, education, anger management, and impulse control, or any combination thereof, these issues are being addressed and the conduct will not happen again. Call Leifert & Leifert today for help with a case.

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