An arrest in a domestic violence case should be taken seriously. Regardless of the allegations involved, a domestic violence conviction can bring a mandatory jail sentence, create a criminal record, and may result in a permanent restraining order. You need to do everything you can to prevent this outcome.

Understanding the role of an Attorney in West Palm Beach domestic violence cases is essential. From the moment that you realize you are the target of an investigation or an arrest occurs, a dedicated domestic violence Attorney can work to protect your rights and minimize the impact of a case on your present and future.

An Attorney Can Help Immediately After a Domestic Violence Arrest

Any interaction with Law Enforcement related to a domestic violence charge is a cause for concern. Police Officers talking with suspects are always attempting to gather additional evidence to build their case. They will try to take advantage of frightened suspects or those unaware of their rights.

The first role that a West Palm Beach Attorney plays in domestic violence cases is as a shield against aggressive Police tactics. They know which questions violate the rules concerning Police interrogations. A Lawyer can help stop these questions before they even begin. This could frustrate Law Enforcement’s efforts to obtain an easy confession.

Providing Protection During Arraignments and Protective Order Hearings

An arraignment is the first Court session after an arrest on criminal charges. It is also when a Defendant learns about bail conditions related to their case. Some clients will have the opportunity to pay cash or obtain a bond to secure their release while awaiting trial. A Lawyer could help argue for fair bail terms that an individual is more likely to meet. Many of our clients are released without having to post any monetary bond.

Another early Court hearing during domestic violence cases concerns creating a protective order. These orders can force a person to stop all contact with the alleged victim while the case moves through the Courts. A legal representative could work to convince the Court that these orders are not necessary. In West Palm Beach, the role of an Attorney in a domestic violence case is to support and protect their Client to ensure the best possible result with the least amount of consequences.

An Attorney Can Provide a Potent Defense Against any Domestic Violence Charge

A Prosecutor cannot bring charges to Court that carry the label of domestic violence. Instead, they must pursue cases that center around other allegations of wrongdoing. These could include assaults, harassment, or sexual abuse. The relationship between a Defendant and an alleged victim designates a case as an example of domestic violence.

According to Florida Statute § 741.28, an act of violence or threat of harm against a blood relative, family member, or any person a Defendant has ever lived with is an example of domestic violence. The final role of a lawyer in a domestic violence case is to advocate for people facing criminal charges of any kind in West Palm Beach.

The Role of an Attorney in West Palm Beach Domestic Violence Cases is to Protect People at Every Opportunity

Every moment following an arrest for domestic violence is a crucial time. Merely talking with Police can construct damaging evidence that may hurt your case in Court. In addition, having proper representation during even the earliest Court sessions can result in better bail conditions or prevent the creation of restraining orders.

Of course, a Lawyer can also help during the core criminal case. This includes obtaining evidence that proves your innocence, cross-examining the State’s witnesses, and convincing a jury that there is reasonable doubt concerning the Prosecution’s case. Reach out to Leifert & Leifert now to discover more about the role of an Attorney in West Palm Beach domestic violence cases.

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