An expert is generally someone who is purported to have knowledge in a particular area of law, science, etc. In West Palm Beach, the job of considering or deciding whether someone should be considered an expert would be up to the jury who hears the case or the judge if a judge hears the case.

The court itself will likely not certify anyone as an expert. It is up to the jury to decide whether they believe that that person is an expert in their field and the information that they are being offered by that person.

If you are beginning trial for a drunk driving accusation, it may be critical to speak with a distinguished DUI lawyer about the potential impact of an expert witness in West Palm Beach DUI cases.

Understanding the Role of an Expert Witness

After being sworn in, experts must first testify as to their knowledge, training, and experience before expressing their opinion based on the facts that they observed. Once they establish their background experts can testify about a test result, the scene of a crime or accident, toxicology, or drug recognition depending on their experience.

Lawyers will get a chance to cross-examine the witness. If the expert witness is expressing opinions on behalf of the government, the defendant’s attorney will get a chance to question and try to refute their qualifications and conclusions.

The impact of an expert witness in West Palm Beach DUI cases will be determined by the jury’s reaction. The jury will determine how knowledgeable the person is, how reliable they are, how believable they are, and the jury will decide what weight to give the evidence being offered by the expert witness’ testimony.

Defense Case vs. Government Case Presentation

When either side says that they rest, they are conveying that they have presented everything that they wanted to present. The defense has the opportunity at that point to decide whether they want to present their case or not.  Sometimes, it is better to present a witness when presenting an argument for the defense.

What is Considered Presentable Evidence in a DUI Case?

Presentable evidence can include witness testimony, expert testimony, digital evidence, photographic evidence, medical testimony, or other resources an attorney may deem beneficial. While the government was presents their case, they may try to discredit the defense witness and the defense evidence in an attempt to show these presentations are unreliable.

Speaking With a Drunk Driving Attorney

A DUI lawyer could refute the claims of the government’s experts by either, challenging the credibility of the government’s expert by questioning their education and experience. The other way a DUI defense lawyer can refute or challenge the claims of the government’s expert is to call their own expert, to call their own person to testify as to what they believe the facts are and what the other expert believes.

They can contradict one expert’s testimony with another expert if the information is there to do so. It can be critical to speak with an attorney about the potential impact of an expert witness in West Palm Beach DUI cases and how they can support or harm the overall outcome of your trial.

Expert Witnesses in West Palm Beach DUI Cases
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