Beginning the West Palm Beach DUI trial process can be scary for those charged with a drunk driving offense. An experienced DUI attorney can help you provide you peace of mind before heading to trial by preparing a strong defense. They can help you preserve relevant evidence in your case and seek the testimony of beneficial expert witnesses. Contacting a drunk driving lawyer could benefit the overall outcome of your case.

Jury Selection For Drunk Driving Cases

The first step of the West Palm Beach DUI trial process would be to pick a jury. In West Palm Beach, this process begins with the judge calling up a panel of about 25 randomly selected individuals throughout the community who will be offered as jurors in the case. The judge asks them a series of questions to determine if they are eligible as jurors. Juror eligibility is the determination of whether or not there is anything that could impact their ability to make unfair judgments to serve.

What Will Each Side Look For In Jury Selection?

The prosecutor gets to ask questions to make sure that the potential juror will be fair to the prosecution and that they do not dislike law enforcement or the specific members involved in the case. They may try to ensure that they are uninterested in seeking retribution against anyone involved in the case. Overall, the prosecution looks for jurors who can be fair, impartial, and listen. The DUI defense attorney is then able to ask the jurors individual questions specifically designed to promote the defense the case. They likely will seek jurors who they believe can be fair and listen to all of the evidence and respect the law.

Understanding the Role of Opening Statements

Opening statements are an important part of the West Palm Beach DUI trial process. They are considered a lawyers introduction to the case they are going to present to the judge and jury. The defense’s statement would be something similar. They may draw attention to the sobriety test or provide alternate reasonings for the individual’s appearance or behavior.

What is the Impact of An Opening Statement?

An opening statement is considered a lawyer’s argument that acknowledges their expectations for the case and what they hope the jury will conclude. The prosecutor will likely do everything they can to try proving why the accused was impaired or over the legal driving limit in order to get a guilty verdict from the jury. As a response, a DUI attorney may argue that the accused was not only not impaired but that they were also not above the legal limit and therefore should not be convicted.

Seeking the Advice of Legal Counsel

Speaking to a lawyer with experience in the way the West Palm Beach DUI trial process is conducted can be beneficial for their case. Legal representation can review the important parts of your case before heading to trial. They can also advise you on how to behave and dress while in court because although they will likely be speaking on your behalf, the jury and judge will still look at you and your behavior in court. Dressing formally can show the court that you respect it and take the charges seriously.

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