Being convicted of a crime could cause someone to live a different life than they may have originally hoped for. A conviction would restrict a person’s ability to take part in their civic duties as a citizen and may require someone to perform some type of community service or recovery program. However, a sexual assault conviction could have further consequences than those issued by the Court.

If you have been charged with sexual assault in West Palm Beach, you should make yourself aware of the penalties that you could suffer following a conviction. Contact one of our knowledgeable Attorneys at Leifert & Leifert to learn more.

Long-Term Consequences of a Sexual Assault Consequence in West Palm Beach

One of the most recognizable consequences of a sexual assault case is the requirement to register as a sex offender, a sexual predator, or even both. Being listed as a sex offender and/or a predator would restrict their ability to move physically from house to house, move in the community, and live in the community. Those registered as sex offenders would be barred from living within a certain distance from schools, playgrounds, or other areas where children are known to congregate. In addition, a sex offender’s information would go into a public database in which anyone could know where sex offenders are and where they live. Not only would their movement be restricted, but their reputation would be ruined. Instead of “safe driver” on your driver’s license, it will state “sex offender or sexual predator” so if you are pulled over or confronted by a police officer they will know whether you should or should not be where they found you.

How Could a Sexual Assault Offense Impact a Person’s Professional Life?

A person’s professional life could also be significantly impacted by a sexual assault conviction. An assault-related conviction could cause others to view that person as a violent person. In many professions, being convicted of a crime, or even being accused of committing a crime, would have long-term consequences to a professional’s license and livelihood. For example, if any medical professional is accused of simple battery, their license to care for other people would be immediately suspended until the case is resolved and heard in Court. IT must be resolved in their favor if they wish to continue practicing.

Financial professionals are also extremely likely to face job-related consequences caused by a criminal accusation. They could lose their ability to perform financial transactions on behalf of others because they would be considered to not be trustworthy and would not be let into a position of trust. If an employer finds out that a worker has a sexual or assault-related conviction on their record, the employer has to be wary or concerned with the safety of the other workers if the convicted person is allowed to remain on the premises and in their job.

Consequences of Sexual Assault with a Firearm

The circumstances of a person’s case could become more severe if they are convicted of sexual assault with a firearm. Since holding someone at gunpoint, or intimidating someone with a gun, is an obscene act or threat of violence, the penalties could be much more severe since the offender’s intent to harm ( presence of a firearm ) someone is evident.

Retain the Services of an Attorney for Legal Assistance

When trying to avoid a conviction for sexual assault, it is best to work with an Attorney who has dealt with numerous similar cases in the past. A seasoned West Palm Beach Lawyer could review the details of your sexual assault case, advocate on your behalf to mitigate the severity of the penalties, and provide you with guidance throughout your case to avoid making any errors that could heighten your charges.

For more information, be sure to reach out to one of the trusted Attorneys at Leifert & Leifert today.

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