There are several different types of traffic citations a person could be charged with in West Palm Beach. These include speeding, moving and nonmoving violations, and issues with your driver’s license or registration.

Those who are facing license suspension and fines should speak with one of our Lawyers at Leifert & Leifert who has decades of experience dealing with traffic offenses in West Palm Beach. By scheduling a consultation with one of our traffic Attorneys, you would become more informed about the severity of each offense and what you should do if you would like to possibly avoid having to accept a fine, points, increased insurance rates or possible license suspension.

Different Levels of Traffic Offenses

In West Palm Beach, traffic offenses are typically separated into two different categories. These categories include moving and nonmoving violations. There is also a compliance category which encompasses everything that moving and nonmoving violations do not.

Moving Violations

Moving violations are perhaps the most common type of traffic infraction. Examples include violation of a control device such as running a stop sign or traffic signal. Other forms of moving violations include improper change of lane, violation of the right of way, improper passing, and speeding.

Nonmoving Violations

Nonmoving violations are less common but still enforced nonetheless. These types of violations would include charges for not wearing a seatbelt. In addition, if there is a child that is not properly restrained or secured in a vehicle, such as a baby not being in a car seat, the driver could be charged with a nonmoving violation. More common examples would be equipment violations such as a burnt out headlight, missing or broken mirrors or bald tires.

Compliance Tickets

Compliance tickets, on the other hand, encompass traffic offenses that are more related to license and registration issues. For example, driving on a suspended first offense and without knowledge or expired license could merit a compliance ticket. In addition, if a driver was driving a vehicle with no registration, suspended/expired tags, or without no proof of insurance or expired insurance, they may be charged with a compliance ticket. Generally, these citations can be Dismissed once we present proof of fixing the issue (compliance) to the Court on your behalf.

Examples of Speeding-Related Infractions

When someone is issued a speeding ticket, this means that they are being accused by an officer for driving above the posted speed limit. There are different degrees of speeding offenses determined by how fast a driver was travelling over the legal limit in West Palm Beach traffic.

If a driver was caught driving six to nine miles per hour, the would be one level; 9 miles to 14 over is another level; 14 to 20 over is another level; 20 over is another level; 30 over is another level; and when someone is up to 50 miles per hour over the speed limit, that is the highest level of speeding ticket that they would see. Speeds of 30 to 50 MPH will require a Court appearance where we would represent you personally. These more serious citations cannot simply be paid. The case must be reviewed by a County Court Judge.

Speeding in School Zones and Construction Zones

Other speeding-related infractions include speeding in a school zone. If a person is driving too fast in a school zone, the fines typically double or sometimes triple depending on how fast they are going. The same could be said for construction zones.

West Palm Beach takes its construction zones seriously, which is why speeding in these zones is considered another type of traffic offense. Construction workers who are working alongside a busy road or highway are working in an area that is dangerous and the law does what it can to keep them safe. As a result, fines would also be double or tripled depending on a driver’s speed.

Possible Penalties for Traffic Infractions?

Most traffic infractions carry a stated fine. Indeed, it can be a basis for dismissal if the citation that they have been given by law enforcement does not have a stated fine for them to pay. However, there is typically a baseline fine that if an individual wanted to go and pay it, they could pay it, but the maximum fine would be $500 excluding court fees.

Other penalties for traffic infractions could include points. A convicted driver in West Palm Beach could see three or four points added to their license depending on the level and type of traffic offense.

A Judge can also order an individual to attend driving school. If an individual was excessively speeding, such as if they were going 30 miles over the limits, there may be a suspension of a driver’s license.

Get in Touch with a Lawyer Today

Being handed with a ticket for a traffic violation could prove to be more than just a nuisance if left unmitigated. There are different types of traffic offenses in West Palm Beach, and depending on which offense you have been accused of, you could be facing license suspension, requirement to attend driving school, and point added to your license on top of fines. To learn more about what you could do to avoid facing these consequences, speak with one of our Attorneys at Leifert & Leifert.

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