A speed trap is a designated area in which law enforcement has set up some type of speed-measuring device. Law enforcement may be using radar, laser, or some other method to catch those speeding through the area.

Officers in the West Palm Beach area wait in areas where the speed limit changes. They are trying to catch people who are not paying attention and are not familiar with the area. They will hide in bushes, at the bottom of a hill, behind a sign, under a bridge, and anywhere they cannot be seen.

If you would like to learn more about speed traps in West Palm Beach and how to fight a traffic violation, contact a lawyer from Leifert & Leifert. Our dedicated traffic attorneys could fight for you.

Purpose of Speed Traps

The main purpose of speed traps in West Palm Beach is to ensure driver and public safety. Speed traps are put in place to protect the public from drivers who are speeding or driving erratically. Speed traps can also help the government generate revenue by catching people violating traffic laws and handing out tickets.

Whether a driver is caught speeding by a speed trap or in some other way has no impact on a speeding case or defense. A person cannot use the fact they were caught in a speed trap as a defense for their driving behavior. Therefore, it is important for individuals who received a ticket from a speed trap to contact an accomplished legal professional who may be able to help.

Examples of Speed Traps in West Palm Beach

In the West Palm Beach area, it is common for motorcycle cops in designated spots lasering or using radar on every car that goes by. Often, these officers are at saturation points where there is significant traffic.

It is also common to see speed traps on the highways. In this situation, there may be aircraft enforcement in which a plane circles above a highway and times vehicles moving between two points of a known measured distance. There usually will be markers on the roads that a driver may be able to see, but they are more visible from the air. The distance is typically a quarter of a mile or half a mile apart. The officers in the plane use a certified stopwatch to calculate the speed of the vehicle and will radio the speed to an officer on the ground ahead with a description of the vehicle so they can pull the driver over.

What if Someone Does Not Slow Down Quickly Enough After a Speed Limit Change?

There is no forgiveness regarding the distance after a speed limit sign that one has before they must slow down. Often, there are signs ahead of time saying “reduce speed ahead” or there is a warning that the speed limit is changing ahead. As soon as a driver passes that sign ahead, they have no forgiveness zone. The driver is supposed to change their speed before they hit that zone.

If a driver was pulled over unfairly, one of our tenacious attorneys in West Palm Beach could help demonstrate that this defendant did slow down sufficiently before they hit a reduced speed zone.

Contact Our Attorneys about Speed Traps in West Palm Beach

Some things everyone should know about speed traps in West Palm Beach is that on highways, officers usually focus on the left-hand lane. If drivers stay in the right-hand lane, they could avoid many tickets. Second, drivers look well-ahead on the road because speed traps are usually positioned around corners and curves where the driver will not be seen until it is too late.

Also, you should look for areas on county roads and streets, especially turnouts to the road and medians. The best advice is to be careful, be a defensive driver, and avoid doing something that will cause law enforcement to stop you or your vehicle. For more information about West Palm Beach speed traps, contact a dedicated lawyer from Leifert & Leifert today.

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