South Florida Criminal Attorney Explains How to Manage a Criminal Record

leifertlaw July 10, 2009 Criminal Records

Last Friday, we gave some background information on criminal records, so this blog post will cover more specifics on managing a criminal record. The good news is that criminal records only include information on crimes or arrests for crimes, not traffic violations. If you’ve paid all your traffic tickets, you won’t have a criminal record unless there are other incidents in your past such as DUI arrests or other crimes.

Many clients are also reliever to hear that it is sometimes possible to have your criminal record sealed or expunged. Once your record has been expunged, you can legally state that you do not have a criminal record, although the information is still accessible to law enforcement or government officials.

The rules for having a criminal record expunged vary by state, but a judge is most likely to grant an expungement if the record consists of a minor first offense. The judge also considers the type of crime committed, the length of time that has elapsed since the arrest or conviction, and whether the person has been arrested or convicted since that incident.

Managing a Criminal Record,
Contact a South Florida criminal defense attorney for more information on criminal records.

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