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If you are facing criminal charges in Wellington, now may be the time to call an experienced criminal defense lawyer. The police and prosecutors will use their substantial resources to try to convict you. To achieve a positive outcome in your case, you may need an experienced Wellington criminal lawyer who could be able to stand up for your rights and defend you against the charges you face.

You could rely on a seasoned defense attorney to provide you with a staunch defense in and out of court. Furthermore, a defense attorney could also provide you with answers about Wellington’s complex criminal process.

Call a skilled criminal lawyer now to learn more about the penalties you face—and about how an attorney may be able to help you with your case.

Criminal Charges in Wellington

Regardless of the nature of the offense, any criminal charge could lead to serious penalties. Those convicted on criminal charges in Wellington may face time in jail, steep fines, probation, and other legal penalties. Unfortunately, the consequences of a criminal conviction do not stop once the individual completes the terms of their sentence.

A criminal trial can affect future employment and housing opportunities. Current and future college students may lose scholarships or admission opportunities due to a criminal record. In fact, the effects of a criminal offense can sometimes be lifelong.

The best step anyone facing charges can take is often to call a Wellington criminal defense attorney. An experienced lawyer could defend individuals confronting any of the following charges:

  • DUI
  • Traffic charges
  • Drug possession
  • Domestic violence
  • Theft
  • Weapons charges
  • Sexual assault
  • Assault and battery
  • Homicide

Appealing a Criminal Conviction

Those facing a criminal conviction may have the chance to appeal the outcome of their case. A criminal appeal is a process where someone with a conviction asks the State’s Appellate Courts to review what happened at their trial.

During an appeal, the person does not present evidence proving their innocence. Rather, the appeal focuses on significant legal errors that occurred before and during the original trial that led to an unfair conviction.

For example, the prosecutors in the criminal case may have illegally withheld evidence from the defense. The defendant in such a case could appeal their sentence based on this prosecutorial misconduct. Other examples could be that the judge or your attorney may have made fundamental errors during the trial thus necessitating a re-trial.

However, filing a criminal appeal is not a simple process, so it is generally wise to seek help from a Wellington criminal lawyer before attempting to do so.

How a Wellington Criminal Attorney Could Help

Thanks to police documentaries and many criminal cases reported on television and in print, most people are familiar with some of their basic rights during the criminal process. What is not shown on TV, however, is how extensive a defendant’s rights actually are, and how hard a defense lawyer must work to protect them.

If you are facing a criminal charge in Wellington, call a defense lawyer now. When you call, you could speak with an experienced criminal lawyer about your case, as well as any questions and concerns you may have.

To learn how a Wellington criminal lawyer could help you move forward with your life, pick up the phone today and call to schedule a consultation.

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