In recent years, many jurisdictions have been making their penalties for juvenile offenders tougher than they once were. Even when juveniles get relatively light sentences, they are still beginning their adult lives with the burden of a criminal record.

If your child has been charged with a crime, you need advice from experienced criminal defense Attorneys who understand the specific issues of the juvenile justice system and who will fight for your family’s rights so that your son or daughter can still get off to a good start in life, preserve their reputation and protect their future.

A bad decision made by a teenager can have serious consequences that can affect them for the rest of their lives, like what kind of college they can get into and what kind of jobs they can get. A Ft Lauderdale juvenile defense attorney is your child’s best defense in their case.

How a Juvenile Defense Attorney Can Help

Like all Americans, juveniles enjoy the presumption of innocence and the protection of the Bill of Rights. The government must prove criminal charges beyond a reasonable doubt. Experienced Ft Lauderdale defense Attorneys know all the different elements that the government must prove and can spot the weaknesses in the prosecutors’ case against a juvenile. Based on the strength or weakness of that case, they will know whether the best course of action is to stand firm and try to get the charges dismissed or whether to seek a plea deal or the possibility of alternative resolutions.

Drug Possession by a Juvenile

Many juvenile charges involve possession of alcohol or drugs. A key issue in all criminal cases, and especially drug-related charges, is the admissibility of evidence. If the police found illegal substances in a juvenile’s car, a skilled Ft Lauderdale defense Lawyer could investigate whether the police had probable cause to stop the car if the police stayed within the legal parameters of their search, and if the evidence was found in a search of someone’s premises under a warrant. They will want to uncover if Law Enforcement officers engaged in entrapment or if anyone is hiding or intentionally excluding evidence.

Underage DUI

Police have been cracking down on driving under the influence, especially by minors. Penalties for these offenses are harsher than ever, but a skilled defense Attorney in Fort Lauderdale can protect a juvenile’s rights. The breathalyzers and other tests administered by the police have been successfully challenged by our attorneys. The devices used by the Police sometimes have problems related to accuracy, calibration, and operator error. With the penalties now more serious, you have the right to demand that all tests were carried out in accordance with the proper legal standards.

Alternative Approaches to Juvenile Defense

In many cases involving juveniles, courts are open to the possibility of alternative resolutions or sentences– ones that focus on education and rehabilitation rather than punishment. For qualifying juvenile offenders, there is a wide variety of diversion programs that will ultimately result in the charges being dropped or dismissed if the child is eligible and completed the program.  A Lawyer in Ft. Lauderdale who has experience in juvenile defense and who can bring a creative approach to the problem can make all the difference.

We have found that an effective strategy is to emphasize education and rehabilitation rather than retribution and punishment. If a young person agrees to attend classes about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse, and the terrible consequences of driving under the influence, the court may be willing to dismiss the charges by way of a variety of diversion programs.

Talk to a Ft. Lauderdale Juvenile Defense Attorney Today

If your child is facing criminal charges of any kind, you owe it to them to seek out advice from a Ft Lauderdale juvenile defense Lawyer. We have defended juveniles for decades and have the experience necessary to protect your family’s rights. Call today to schedule your consultation.

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