The importance of independent blood and urine testing West Palm Beach DUI cases cannot be emphasized enough. Independent blood and urine tests can be used as evidence in court if they are relevant and if they comply with the rules of evidentiary procedure.

The results are relevant, authenticated, and otherwise admissible as business records that can be used during the course of an individual’s case. These results can be used in court, if they are favorable. If they are not favorable, individuals do not have to disclose them. If you want to know more about what independent DUI test results can add to your defense, consult a knowledgeable DUI attorney today.

Expert Witnesses

In order to use independent blood and urine testing in West Palm Beach DUI cases, a person would need to bring in anybody and everybody that has anything to do with the gathering of that sample, the taking of that sample, the preservation of that sample, and the testing of the sample to explain the results of the test from that sample.

That person who took and analyzed the samples, would have to be brought in to show that they are licensed and qualified to take the sample and that according to their training and experience they handled the sample in the appropriate way. The toxicologist can also assure that the sample was run through an instrument – usually, a gas chromatograph – that is properly licensed by the state and properly maintained up to standards. Lastly, the toxicologist can attest to their own qualifications and show that they are trained, and experienced in running that equipment, and able to interpret whatever results are given.

An attorney could also bring in a medical doctor who says that the person has knee issues, they have back issues, they have leg issues, and they have foot issues. The person might want to bring in a neurologist to say that the person has a brain injury, an illness that affects the person and could be responsible for their perceived impairment.

Evidence in West Palm Beach DUI Cases

Evidence that a West Palm Beach DUI attorney might want to get in addition to any chemical tests of blood or urine, would be any records of any physical limitations that the person may have.

Independent blood and urine testing in West Palm Beach DUI cases is often used to prove that a person is guilty of a DUI offense, and was driving while physically impaired.

Additional evidence would be medical evidence or evidence of physical impairment not related to alcohol or drugs. A lawyer might want to bring in eyewitnesses who were with the person, who saw what the person had to drink, when they had to drink, and how the person was right before they left.

Value of a West Palm Beach DUI Lawyer

There are plenty of things that a West Palm Beach DUI attorney would want to explore in order to successfully defend you and get the best possible result on the case. The attorney can look for other witnesses who can corroborate that you were not impaired. The attorney can also use independent blood and urine testing in West Palm Beach DUI cases in order to contrast it with the government’s results, and potentially challenge the reliability of the evidence. If you have been charged with a DUI offense, work with a skilled attorney that could devote the time and resources necessary to build your case.

Independent Blood and Urine Testing in West Palm Beach DUI Cases
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