With confusing laws and serious potential penalties, a drug trafficking charge can feel devastating, but there are ways to navigate the legal system to achieve the best possible outcome. An experienced attorney from our firm can help demystify the process and stand by you as we work for a positive resolution.

Those facing drug trafficking charges need a Ft. Lauderdale drug trafficking lawyer who knows the applicable state and federal laws, who will work to understand your unique circumstances, and who will stand by your side and fight for you in court. To learn more about what to expect from your case, or how an experienced drug lawyer can help, call and schedule a consultation today. En Español.

Drug Trafficking Laws in Florida

Florida statutes define “trafficking” in a controlled substance as knowingly:

  • Selling
  • Purchasing
  • Manufacturing
  • Delivering
  • Bringing into the state, or
  • Having actual or constructive possession of a certain specified amount of that substance

The amounts required for a violation vary according to the substance at issue. For cocaine, for example, the threshold amount for a violation is 28 grams. If the amount is over 100 grams, the penalties increase.

For marijuana (cannabis), the threshold amount for a violation of the statute is 25 pounds or 300 cannabis plants. (Fla. Stat. Ann. §893.135)

Laws related to drug trafficking are found in the Florida Statutes Sections 893.01 – 893.30 related to Drug Abuse Prevention and Control.

Trafficking of a controlled substance is a more serious offense than possession of that substance. Ambitious prosecutors will at times charge an individual with trafficking in a substance when the lesser charge of possession is more appropriate to the circumstances.

Therefore, it is vital that the facts be investigated thoroughly and presented in the most favorable light. An experienced drug trafficking attorney at our Ft Lauderdale firm will ensure that the necessary steps are taken to make this happen.


Florida statutes set forth separate penalties for different drugs depending on the amount involved. For instance, an individual found guilty of trafficking in marijuana (cannabis) will face a mandatory minimum sentence of three years in prison and a $25,000 fine if the case involves between 25 to 2000 pounds of marijuana (cannabis) (or 300 to 2000 plants.)

If the amount is between 2000 to 10,000 pounds, the sentence jumps to seven years and the fine increases to $50,000, and for more than 10,000 pounds, the mandatory minimum sentence is 15 years’ imprisonment and a fine of $200,000, making it imperative that a drug trafficking lawyer in Ft Lauderdale is consulted.

The penalties vary somewhat depending on the substance. For example, the lowest tier penalty for cocaine trafficking specifies a fine that is double that for cannabis trafficking.

How a Drug Trafficking Lawyer Can Help

When arrested and charged with a crime related to drug trafficking, the first important step is to contact an attorney who can offer advice about what to do next to comply with the law and work to build a defense.

Because every case is unique, our Broward County drug trafficking attorneys will analyze the facts of your specific case and how the legal statutes at issue are likely to be applied by the court.

After evaluating and investigating the facts, a Ft Lauderdale drug trafficking attorney from Leifert & Leifert will work to thoroughly prepare your case for motions to dismiss, suppress evidence, trial and advise you as to whether it would be more advantageous to seek a plea bargain.

Talk to an Attorney Today

When charged with drug trafficking, it is normal to feel overwhelmed and anxious to explain your circumstances to someone who will listen. The criminal justice system can be confusing, but a good Ft Lauderdale drug trafficking attorney can help work toward the best resolution.

Let us use all of our experience and knowledge to fight for you. Contact a Fort Lauderdale drug trafficking lawyer today so we can help.

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