In the state of Florida, robbery is considered a serious criminal offense. Penalties are typically punitive and long-term, and a single robbery conviction could greatly impact your future prospects.

If you are facing a robbery charge in Palm Beach Gardens, you may want to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney about what to do next. The Florida Court system can quickly confuse a person who is unfamiliar with the specific regulations surrounding a robbery charge or with State law in general. A Palm Beach Gardens robbery lawyer from Leifert & Leifert could help you examine your case and identify different legal options. Speak with a skilled theft attorney that could advocate for you.

Understanding a Robbery Charge in Palm Beach Gardens

Generally, a robbery charge in Palm Beach Gardens may be incurred when a person takes someone else’s property or money using force, violence, physical coercion or by threatening with words or actions, as defined by Florida Statutes §812.13. There are several elements of crime that the Prosecution generally attempts to prove that property that had value was taken:

  • Without the consent of the owner
  • By force or by threat
  • With intent to deprive the owner of the value of the property, either permanently or temporarily

Generally, the Prosecution in Florida courts applies a Second-Degree Felony charge to a robbery conviction, so long as a weapon was not used during the commission of the act. A conviction for a Second-Degree Felony of robbery could result in up to 15 years incarceration in State Prison.

Armed Robbery in Palm Beach Gardens

When a person uses or possesses a weapon such as a gun or a knife during an alleged robbery, the initial charge can become significantly more complicated. The presence of a weapon could increase an initial robbery charge to a First-Degree Felony. Penalties for such a charge are far more severe than those associated with Second-Degree Felonies and may include lifetime imprisonment.

Another circumstance that may increase the severity of a robbery charge in Palm Beach Gardens is where the alleged incident occurred. A home invasion or a carjacking could potentially and significantly impact a robbery charge. A Palm Beach Gardens robbery attorney could help you explore what your particular circumstances may mean for your case.

Defenses Against a Robbery Charge in Palm Beach Gardens

There are several potential defenses for a robbery charge in Palm Beach Gardens that may be legally valid in different situations. For example, if someone were able to prove the property or money in an alleged robbery actually and rightfully belonged to them, they might have a valid legal defense against the robbery charge. However, ownership would need to be previously documented in a record of some type.

Another way to potentially build a credible defense against a robbery charge is by proving that the accuser consented or authorized ownership of the property or money by the alleged robber. Documentation which shows transference of ownership or authorization of the alleged robber to possess the property could positively impact a person’s defense.

Contacting a Palm Beach Gardens Robbery Attorney

Robbery is a significant charge to incur, typically resulting in harsh penalties. On top of impacting your quality of life, long-term incarceration may also negatively impact immediate family members, such as children or other dependents.

Contact Leifert & Leifert for a free consultation and case review. A Palm Beach Gardens robbery lawyer from our firm could work with you to build a credible defense and represent your best interests in court.

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