The laws in West Palm Beach, especially those in the penal code, are designed to protect the rights and well-being of all citizens. This especially applies to people unable to defend themselves. Anytime an individual takes steps that put a child at risk of harm or injury may lead to charges of child abuse.

Understanding West Palm Beach child abuse charges is the first step toward offering an effective defense. A child abuse Attorney can help people stand up for themselves in Court. Lawyers work to both refute the criminal charges at the core of the case and to preserve a person’s right to remain with their children.

Child Abuse Laws in West Palm Beach

A single statute under state law deals with all criminal accusations of child abuse. This covers a collection of activities ranging from the intentional infliction of harm on a child to allegations that a person’s negligence allowed a child to suffer an injury.

According to Florida Statute § 827.03, child abuse comes in many forms. The specific category a case falls in determines the charges a Prosecutor may bring to Court. For example, committing aggravated child abuse by striking a child in a way that causes great bodily harm is a felony of the first degree. By contrast, allowing a child to suffer significant harm as a result of one’s negligence is a felony of the third degree.

In any event, a conviction for child abuse is a felony that can bring penalties up to a five-year prison sentence. An Attorney in West Palm Beach can help people better understand their child abuse charge.

How an Attorney Can Help After an Arrest for Allegations of Child Abuse

All people must follow the state’s laws concerning the prevention of abuse, and as a result, caretakers, teachers, and even strangers to a child may face arrest and subsequent prosecution after an event involving alleged abuse. It is critically important to obtain help as soon as possible. From the moment of an arrest, Police Officers will attempt to obtain additional evidence of wrongdoing or a Defendant’s confession. Having an Attorney can limit the impact of Law Enforcement questioning.

Lawyers also provide help during all Court sessions. This includes arguing for appropriate bail conditions, fighting back against the potential creation of restraining orders, and questioning the legality of Police work and evidence a Prosecutor intends to introduce at trial.

Each of these steps aims to limit the impact of a child abuse charge in West Palm Beach. Ultimately, the goal is to avoid criminal punishment and remain a positive presence in the lives of children.

Contact an Attorney Now to Learn More about West Palm Beach Child Abuse Charges

Allegations of child abuse under state law can affect anyone. It does not make a difference if an accused person is a parent, teacher, babysitter, or camp counselor; any person with guardianship, authority, or contact with a child can face these charges.

A guilty finding in these cases can have disastrous consequences for an individual’s freedom and relationship with a child. Not only could a person spend time in prison, but a Court may move to terminate their parenting rights. A Leifert & Leifert Lawyer could help prevent negative consequences after West Palm Beach child abuse charges. Contact a Legal Representative immediately to schedule a consultation.

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