Following a DUI arrest, it can be a good idea to enroll in a DUI course. DUI schools allow an individual to learn about the laws surrounding DUI offenses, and the impact. DUI classes also involve a substance abuse evaluation, which is meant to determine whether an individual has a substance abuse issue or not. When people enroll in DUI courses voluntarily it is seen as a proactive measure and can positively impact their case. If a person wants to know more about DUI classes in West Palm Beach, they should get in contact with a skilled DUI lawyer. An attorney could advise someone on where to take courses and answer any questions they may have about the impact that these classes may have on their case.

Difference Between Alcohol Education Courses and DUI Courses

An alcohol education course is different than DUI school. An alcohol education course can be a four-hour class that many people under 21 have to take to learn about the dangers of alcohol, the law relating to alcohol and the consequences of using alcohol when they are underage. The course can be done in person or online and it is just meant to be a general awareness class. That is the alcohol education course.

DUI schools, however, are made up of two components and two different types of classes. There is an educational component in a DUI school and then there is a substance abuse evaluation component. There is a level one school for a first offense and there is a level two school if it is a second or subsequent offense.

Level One DUI Classes

The level one DUI course is 12 hours of classroom time that can be scheduled in a couple of different ways. It can be done in two six-hour sessions or three four-hour sessions, it can be done over a weekend or it can be done on a weekly basis. That is up to the person who wants to take it and their individual schedule.

Along with the 12-hour classroom time, they will have to have a substance abuse evaluation that we just discussed above and then, if there is a recommendation or requirement for treatment from that evaluation, that person would have to do whatever has been recommended or required from the mental health counselor subsequent to the evaluation.

Level Two DUI Classes

If this is a second or subsequent DUI, then that person will have to do the level two course. The level two course is 21 hours of classroom time as opposed to 12. That is almost twice as much. The person has to undergo the same substance abuse evaluation and it is pretty much a given that since it is the second offense, whether it is an alcohol or drug-related offense, that they are going to find that there is a problem and they are going to require the person to do some type of treatment to complete the requirements of the class.

When are DUI Classes Mandatory?

DUI Classes in West Palm Beach are mandatory if someone:

  • Is convicted of a DUI
  • Loses their license by failing a breath test
  • Loses their license for refusing to take a breath or a blood test

Voluntary Attendance of DUI Schools

Many individuals take DUI classes in West Palm Beach voluntarily, without a court order before their case is concluded. There are people that will go to the DUI school in order to get their driver’s license reinstated prior to going back to court and there are those who attend DUI school prior to even resolving their case as they are going through a trial on their case simply because completion of a DUI school is required in Florida and in West Palm Beach in order for the person to be eligible for any type of hardship license from a driver’s license suspension resulting from any DUI arrest or conviction. So, many people who do DUI school are doing it proactively. If an individual is interested in pursuing DUI classes, they should reach out to a DUI defense attorney that could help.

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