DUI charges can be overwhelming, especially if it is your first time being charged with a criminal offense. You may have questions about certain aspects of your case like, what the West Palm Beach DUI court dates are, how you should conduct yourself in court, and what legal strategies might work best for you. A knowledgeable attorney can answer those questions and could examine the facts of your case in order to learn which defense strategy will work best for you. If you have been charged with a DUI offense, speak with an experienced DUI attorney that could guide you through the DUI court process.

Finding Court Date Information

Finding information on West Palm Beach DUI court dates is relatively simple. Typically, if they someone is arrested for a DUI, the court date will be on the citation or summons that they receive from the officer. The citation or summons is also called a notice to appear and, on that notice, it shows when and where the person needs to be in court. An individual could also work with an experienced DUI lawyer who will be able to look the court date up with the court and/or a person can look to the court system online to find their case after a couple of days. It is available on the citation and the paperwork that is given to the person by the officer. It is also available on a piece of paper that is given to a person by the sheriff’s office when the person is released from the jail after their DUI arrest. It is called a notice of arraignment. It is available from an attorney and it is available on the court or the clerk of the court’s website, which is available online.

Necessity of an Individual’s Presence in Court

A lawyer cannot do everything on their own.  Typically, if there is a challenge in the case or a settlement on a case, the individual will need to be present on certain est Palm Beach DUI court dates to effectuate that. Of course, if the case gets dismissed, then an individual does not need to go to court. If the judge is going to spend more than 60 to 90 seconds considering something on the case, they may have a request, whether it is a personal request or a legal request to get some of the evidence thrown out, it is probably important for the person to be there because it would be harder for the judge to tell the person no when they are standing there, and plus the courtesy that the judge is spending time thinking about the case and thinking about the person, and they can otherwise make a good presentation in court. It cannot hurt to have the person there. That is one of the circumstances when a lawyer would want the defendant there.

The other circumstance is if there is some type of effectuation of a settlement, they are going to settle the case on that day. They need the defendant in court to settle the case most of the time. There are some exceptions to that but for a DUI, most of the time, the individual is going to have be there. If the person is from out of town, out of state and not there – imagine that somebody comes to Florida from all over the world, they can still be represented. An attorney can represent people that come from all parts of the country on vacation from Europe, South America, and some even Asia that are here on vacation. If they do not live here, they are not from here, they are tourists or visiting, an attorney can make arrangements so that they do not have to physically appear. They can have paperwork signed in their home state or home country that would serve as the same them coming to court. If an individual has been charged with a DUI and wants to know more about West Palm Beach DUI court dates, they should speak with a capable DUI attorney that could build their case.

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