A person is charged with a DUI for drug-related impairment when it can be proved that the person was impaired by prescription or recreational narcotics while they were operating a motor vehicle. When the authorities can prove that a person is impaired by a particular drug, they can be charged with driving under the influence of drugs as opposed to alcohol.

When someone drives under the influence, the law does not make a distinction between drugs or alcohol. There is no difference in the penalty which means the penalties for a drug DUI can be just as severe. That is why it is important for you to reach out to a West Palm Beach DUI drug lawyer. If you have been charged with driving under the influence of drugs, consult an experienced attorney that could defend you.

Drug and Alcohol Interactions

Some drugs amplify the effects of alcohol, and there are some drugs that inflate a blood alcohol or a breath test result. It is common knowledge that a person is not supposed to drink alcohol when taking medicine. Most medicine comes with a warning against consuming alcohol while taking the medication. It is common knowledge that a person using recreational drugs should not mix recreational drugs with alcohol. When a driver’s impairment is the result of drug or alcohol interaction, it does not matter if the driver is impaired. The person is still impaired and can still be charged for DUI.

Proving Impairment from Drugs During a DUI Case

West Palm Beach authorities look for physical evidence such as drugs or paraphernalia in the car to prove the driver is impaired. They look for incriminating statements from the driver as to whether they consumed any drugs or prescribed medication. In addition, they look for marijuana and determine whether the car or person smells of marijuana.

They look at the person’s eyes to see if they are bloodshot and watery. These are similar to the signs of impairment for alcohol, In addition to the signs of impairment, they look for physical evidence such as statements or evidence of drug use or possession. Paraphernalia or drugs in the car provide added evidence to prove that the person was driving under the influence of drugs. A lawyer in West Palm Beach could review a DUI case and determine how to proceed if law enforcement was able to collect evidence of drug use or possession while the defendant was driving.

Prescription Drugs and DUIs

If a person is prescribed medication to help them sleep or help them with anxiety or depression. They may take something at night that was prescribed by a doctor to help them sleep. If the person is pulled over the next day by the police for some reason and the officer believes the person is under the influence, they can conduct tests. The person may pass a breath test but a urine test could contain the residue from the prescribed medication taken the previous night.

The government can argue that the residue means the person was under the influence of that medication. However, a jury would never believe that because most of the jurors take medication, too. If a jury hears that someone took prescribed medication at 10 o’clock the night before and was pulled over and accused of a DUI the next day; they will not believe the person was still under the influence of that medication. A West Palm Beach attorney could help someone build a defense in a prescription drug DUI case.

Mistakes to Avoid in Drug DUI Cases

The biggest mistake to avoid in drug DUI cases is driving a motor vehicle with illegal drugs in the car. Most people arrested for DUI involving drugs have drugs on them and are charged with drug possession. The biggest mistake to avoid is to drive with anything illegal in the car.

If a law enforcement officer suspects that someone is under the influence of marijuana and they find marijuana, it is easier for them to say the person was under the influence of marijuana. A person should not carry any drugs with them, especially recreational drugs. A West Palm Beach lawyer could help individuals avoid making mistakes in their drug DUI case.

Importance of a West Palm Beach Drug DUI Attorney

If you have been charged with operating a vehicle while under the influence, consult an attorney. An experienced West Palm Beach drug DUI lawyer can challenge the prosecutor’s argument. The attorney could also investigate your case, and work tirelessly to build your defense.

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