If you have been charged with a DUI, one of the consequences you might face is the forced installation of an ignition interlock device. There are certain West Palm Beach DUI ignition interlock device considerations that you might not be aware of including the cost of installation, the impact of an IID on your reputation, and potential alternatives to ignition interlock devices. Speak with a capable DUI lawyer to learn more about how an ignition interlock device could affect you.

Cost of Installing an Ignition Interlock Device

The cost of an ignition interlock device varies. It is typically anywhere from $100 to $150 installed and then there is monthly maintenance where, monthly, the device is actually monitored to see if it is kicked the person out for alcohol because it is detected positive breath alcohol. That typically runs anywhere from $50 to $75. These tend to vary from vendor to vendor. Experienced DUI attorneys often provide their potential clients with a list of vendors and the individuals pick the vendors that are closest to them and can give them the best appointments to the ones they feel that would give them the best service.

Responses to IID

People often do not respond favorably to ignition interlock devices. The reason that people dislike it so much is because the ignition interlock device is very intrusive. The reason that it is the least favorable because it is very intrusive. In South Florida, everyone needs a vehicle to do anything, whether it is shopping for food, going out for dinner or, of course, going to work. To make a living, a person needs a car. Furthermore, people might have other passengers in their car. It can be embarrassing for an individual to have to blow into the device while driving others around. Typically people can hide a DUI conviction. Most people do not have to alert friends, family, or employers about it. The issue is that the ignition interlock device is in their car and if anyone else is in their car, they are going to see it and that can be humiliating.

Drawbacks of IID

One of the West Palm Beach DUI ignition interlock device considerations to keep in mind is that the device is very intrusive. The device is also expensive and time-consuming to get it installed and monitored every month. People also always run the risk that someone may meddle with the device while their back is turned, and blow into it because they have their alcohol on their breath and they want to see if it works, which can have terrible consequences. That specific scenario would expose the person to possible penalties if they tested positive for alcohol and it exposes the car.

Alternatives to Ignition Interlock Devices

There are two other alcohol-monitoring devices that are used in West Palm Beach. The other alcohol-monitoring devices that are used – one is called the digital alcohol monitor that is typically the size of a cellphone or, more likely, like a television remote. It has a mouthpiece on it and it has a cellular chip in it and also a video camera, and it will show the person blowing into the device. The person typically does that four times a day, morning, noon, evening and night on a scheduled basis, and it will transmit the results, hopefully, negative results, of any alcohol of the person who uses that device. That is a portable device that is carried on a person to be used four times a day as opposed to a device that is installed in a car.

The other device that can be used but also would not satisfy the ignition interlock requirements but it is an alcohol-monitoring device is what is called the SCRAM monitor. It is basically an ankle bracelet that a person would wear. It is designed to detect any alcohol used based on body temperature and, believe it or not, sweat, bodily excretions from the person’s ankle, and it can supposedly determine the presence of alcohol. It is very intrusive, very uncomfortable and not reliable. One of the West Palm Beach DUI ignition interlock device considerations to keep in mind is that while an IID may be uncomfortable, other devices can be equally uncomfortable and intrusive.

Ignition Interlock Devices Following a West Palm Beach DUI
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