When you are charged with armed robbery, your lawyer is one of the most important resources you can have. Although you have the option of defending yourself, the benefit of a West Palm Beach armed robbery lawyer is that they will have a knowledge of the law that you do not, and will have relationships with local prosecutors and judges that they can use to benefit you. If you have been charged with armed robbery, seek the services of an accomplished and capable armed robbery Lawyer who can fight to defend your case.

Qualities to Look For in an Attorney

The qualities a person should look for when hiring a Attorney for armed robbery in West Palm Beach are that they should be local to the jurisdiction in which the person is charged, not local to where they live or local to where they work but local to the courthouse, local to the area or jurisdiction in which the person is arrested.

A local Lawyer is the one who knows all of the prosecutors, knows the local rules and procedures, knows the judges, knows the courthouse, and is also well-known in the courthouse. The first quality should be someone who is local.

Working With a Former Prosecutor

A person charged with armed robbery in West Palm Beach should look for a former Prosecutor. The benefit of a West Palm Beach Lawyer experienced with armed robbery cases is that their Prosecutorial perspective on a case, can often times, help the Lawyer develop the best defense.

When a Lawyer is examining a defendant’s case, they look at it as if they were the Prosecutor on the case. By doing so, they can see what the strengths and weaknesses are so that, as a Defense Attorney, they can anticipate the offense, they can thwart the prosecution when answering questions that the Prosecution might have because they have already anticipated what arguments the Prosecution will try to make.

Importance of Trial Experience

Besides hiring a local and former Prosecutor, an individual should also look for someone that has trial experience,  a lawyer that is not afraid to go to court,  is not afraid to fight for their client. A person charged with a crime should look for someone who is local and who is experienced in prosecuting these matters. Oftentimes, those qualities will get the individual the best results when they are charged with armed robbery that they are looking to defend in Court and obtain the best possible result.

Leveraging Experience

Experience can run in a couple of different ways. Certainly, there is experience with the law. A lot of Prosecutors are younger than an experienced local Defense Attorney in West Palm Beach, which could greatly benefit the person being charged with armed robbery. They, in most cases, are a couple of years out of law school and they do not have the type of experience that a criminal defense attorney who has already had that job as a Prosecutor might already have and other experiences with the Judge and Court in general.

Relationships With Judges and Prosecutors

The benefit of working with an armed robbery Attorney in West Palm Beach is that they will know the Judge. They will know what a Judge is looking for in a case. Their knowledge of a Judge can inform their approach to a person’s defense. The attorney will also be familiar with the different local procedural rules and policies.

Each courtroom in every county has different rules so a local lawyer who is a former prosecutor that has experience with the Judge will have a leg up on the prosecutor who is there every day. They may be more familiar with the crime scene of the area. They will take more time on the case than a prosecutor will to investigate the case. It is not uncommon for the local defense lawyer to be more knowledgeable about someone’s case than the prosecutor, indeed that is their job, to be more prepared than the adversary in order to obtain the best result.

Experience With Law Enforcement

An armed robbery Attorney in West Palm Beach is also beneficial because they may have experience with some of the Law Enforcement Officers or investigators that are on the case because they have done other cases with them so they may have experience with the Prosecutors, they may have experience with the judge, they may have experience with the Judge’s courtroom and have done trials in front of the Judge, and they would leverage all that experience along with all the other cases that they have done over the years to use as comparison to see what they can do for the client.

Each case is not brought in a vacuum. Every case is factually different but they are fundamentally the same. Someone is accused of taking someone else’s property with force and without their permission and used a weapon in doing so.

Contacting an Attorney

The benefit of a West Palm Beach armed robbery Lawyer is that they can leverage their experience both in the courtroom, with the law, experience from prior cases, experience with the judge, and experience with the prosecutors to obtain the best possible result for the defendant. They can leverage their experience in many different aspects of the case and it is not just from the books and years in the courtroom or years practicing law, it is hands-on experience in these types of cases and in these particular courthouses with these judges and these prosecutors. If you have been charged with armed robbery, seek the legal help of an experienced armed robbery Lawyer who can advocate for you.

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