If you have been accused of committing child abuse, it is imperative to retain the legal assistance necessary to help you mitigate the charges made against you. Failure to act could result in criminal conviction, potentially alter your life for the worst.

One of our skilled Attorneys at Leifert & Leifert can help you build a defense against these allegations. A Delray Beach child abuse Lawyer can assist you throughout the legal process by attending Court hearings, meetings, and interviews with the Police. You do not have to fight these accusations alone.

Types of Child Abuse

Prosecutors investigate allegations of child abuse thoroughly, and an angry child or ex-spouse may further incriminate an accused parent. Lawmakers establish the laws surrounding child abuse in Florida Statute §827.03. A Delray Beach child abuse Attorney at Leifert & Leifert could review your case and build a defense strategy based on these laws.

Child Abuse

A Court may find you guilty of child abuse if you allegedly committed one or more of the following behaviors:

  • Psychically harming your child on purpose
  • Mental hurting your child intentionally
  • Acting deliberately in a way that a reasonable person knows may cause physical or psychological harm or encouraging another person to do the same

Aggravated Child Abuse

According to Florida Statute § 827.03, you may be charged with aggravated child abuse if you:

  • Committed aggravated battery on a child
  • Wilfully tortured a child
  • Knowingly caused a child great bodily harm

If convicted of this offense, you may be subject to a felony conviction in the first degree. Being charged with this offense should merit the assistance of a Delray Beach child abuse lawyer as soon as possible.

Child Neglect

Prosecutors may charge you with child neglect if they disagree with how you choose to raise your children. The Law defines child neglect as failing to provide necessities for your child’s well-being and mental health. In addition, it must be proven that your failure to provide necessities resulted in harm being inflicted upon the child. Caregivers tasked with the duty of watching your child may also be charged with child neglect.

Potential Penalties for Abusing a Child

The most severe punishment for this offense is a first-degree Felony charge, which may result in 30 years or more in prison. However, if the Court convicts you of a third-degree Felony, you may face five years in prison. On top of lengthy jail sentences and fines, the Court may take away your visitation rights or completely sever your child-parent relationship. Since these penalties can be severe, you should speak with one of our trusted Delray Beach Leifert & Leifert Lawyers for assistance with mitigating the charges made against you.

Seek Help from a Delray Beach Child Abuse Attorney

A child abuse accusation is one of the most serious charges to be convicted of. Not only could your professional career potentially be ruined, your personal life could also be in jeopardy.

If you have been formally charged and wish to defend yourself in a court of law in an effort to lessen the seriousness of the charges or have your charges potentially dropped, be sure to contact a Delray Beach child abuse Lawyer today.

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