Gun rules and regulations in Florida have changed significantly in recent years. However, Federal and State strictly enforced statutes prohibit people from entering certain areas with concealed or open-carry firearms. For example, you cannot legally enter an airport with a gun.

However, having a weapon outside the airport is legal, such as in your car while you drop someone off. An arrest for entering any restricted places with a gun could lead to legal problems and other long-term consequences. Schedule to meet with one of our Lawyers seasoned in Ft. Lauderdale gun laws in airports for more information. Speaking with one of our gun Attorneys at Leifert & Leifert will ensure you get the defense you need in Court.

What Is the Constitutional Carry Legislation?

Florida passed a permitless carry or Constitutional carry law in 2023, allowing Florida gun owners to carry concealed weapons without a permit or taking a safety course. The new legislation is a significant adjustment of firearm laws, and you must follow specific regulations so you do not lose your legal right to own guns. The following locations prohibit anyone from entering with a weapon except when there are special instructions, and they follow them accordingly.

  • Airports
  • Polling locations during elections
  • Schools and other educational institutions
  • Courthouses and any Federal or State buildings

Bringing guns or other prohibited items into airport checkpoints is illegal. Violators could face Federal TSA penalties or an arrest by the local police department. Our talented Attorneys in Ft. Lauderdale are experienced with gun laws in airports and could help determine the best action after an arrest.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Firearm Travel Rules

When flying within or outside the United States, you go through security checks to ensure you are not carrying weapons or other prohibited items. According to the TSA, Federal laws prohibit anyone except authorized personnel from entering airports with firearms.

Regulations strictly prohibit anyone from entering an airport with a concealed weapon on their person or in a carry-on bag; however, travelers can legally transport them in their checked luggage by following special instructions. If you wish to transport guns and ammunition on an airplane, you must adhere to the rules to ensure you do not face steep fines and other harsh penalties.

Traveling with Firearms and Ammunition

Per the TSA travel guidelines, airplane passengers may transport unloaded firearms by checking them at the Baggage Claim. The gun box must meet minimum requirements, including using a locked, secure, hard-shell container. Ammunition, including magazines, clips, firing pins, and other weapon-related items, must also be in a hard-sided, closed container and checked in at baggage claim.

Passengers must also alert the airline staff that they have a gun and ammunition. One of our Lawyers in Ft. Lauderdale, knowledgeable about airport firearm laws, could review the applicable rules and regulations and build a strong defense on your behalf.

Schedule a Meeting with an Attorney in Ft. Lauderdale Seasoned in Gun Laws in Airports

Florida regulations prohibit anyone from possessing weapons, including guns, in the airport passenger terminal. When you face charges for carrying a firearm into an airport or other prohibited location, contact a skilled legal professional at Leifert & Leifert for guidance.

Knowing your legal rights after an arrest is the most effective way to prepare to defend yourself against the charges and legal consequences. Call today to speak with one of our hardworking Lawyers skilled with Ft. Lauderdale gun laws in Airports to begin the investigation and evidence review immediately.

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