In any criminal case, a person has to consider the possibility of a Jail sentence. Depending upon the level of the offense and your criminal history, the prospective consequences can change. However, there are ways to get the case dismissed through diversion programs or other legal avenues and techniques like discovery depositions, motions to dismiss, motions to suppress, negotiations with the Prosecutor, Jury Trials, etc. The Ft. Lauderdale theft consequences depend on the level of offense. If you have been charged with a theft offense and want to know more about the consequences you may face, speak with an accomplished theft Lawyer that could build a solid defense for you.

Potential Penalties for Felony Theft Convictions

Theft consequences in Ft. Lauderdale for any Felony case would include time in the Florida State Prison. For Felony cases, if it is the first offense and the facts lend themselves to diversion route, there are a lot of factors that must exist. These factors include a lack of criminal history, the individual has to be in this country legally, the Prosecutor has to agree, the alleged victim has to agree, the Police Officer has to agree.

Diversion programs for Felonies are otherwise known as PTI, which stands for pre-trial intervention, and ultimately result in the charges being dropped or dismissed. With either type of charge, whether it be a Misdemeanor petty theft or a Felony grand theft, after the case is dropped or dismissed, or even after the case is resolved with a withholding of adjudication it is possible to get their records either expunged or sealed, albeit with some prerequisites to that. If charges are dropped or if there is a withholding of adjudication, chances are good that records can be expunged or sealed for those charged with theft-related cases.

Misdemeanor Consequences for Theft

Any Misdemeanor theft charge carries Jail time as a potential penalty. As a result, the maximum penalty for a first-degree Misdemeanor theft charge is up to one year in the county jail. For a second-degree Misdemeanor, the maximum penalty is 60 days in the county jail. An individual would have to have a bad or lengthy record to even be looking at potential Jail time, though technically it is a potential penalty. More often than not, if a person’s record is clean, an Attorney might check if the individual is eligible for a diversion program or not.

For Misdemeanor cases, if it is the first offense, it is common to get people into diversion programs which result in the charges being dropped or dismissed. If that is not a possibility, it is possible to attempt to leave convictions off of an individual’s records. That is called a withholding of adjudication and is usually available without the need for any community service or probation. The worst that can happen on any Misdemeanor is spending some time in Jail. The theft consequences for Felony cases in Ft. Lauderdale are certainly more significant than any Misdemeanor.

Value of Ft. Lauderdale Theft Attorney

If you have been charged with a theft offense, speak with a capable theft Lawyer. As mentioned above, Ft. Lauderdale theft consequences can be quite severe. An experienced Legal Advocate could help you navigate the Trial process and could try to mitigate the charges and penalties that you face. Retain the services of a skilled Attorney that could examine the facts of your case in an attempt to build a solid defense for you.

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