An armed robbery accusation is a severe offense that should be taken seriously by the individual charged. Failure to do so could result in a hefty penalty which could potentially change the course of one’s life forever. In an attempt to receive a favorable outcome, it may be imperative that you contact an experienced armed robbery attorney who could help you gather evidence, interview witnesses, and with building a Ft. Lauderdale armed robbery defense.

How Serious is an Armed Robbery Offense in Ft. Lauderdale?

Armed robbery is a first-degree felony offense which could result in a life sentence if convicted. However, the presence of a deadly or a non-deadly weapon or firearm dictates the length of a jail sentence. If a gun or deadly weapon was used during the robbery, the punishment is up to life imprisonment. When a non-deadly weapon is used in the commission of the robbery, the sentence could be up to 30 years in Florida State prison. Therefore, it is imperative for individuals to reach out to our seasoned lawyers at Leifert & Leifert for help with building a Ft. Lauderdale armed robbery defense.

Preparing an Armed Robbery Defense

When building a Ft. Lauderdale armed robbery defense, an attorney would want to speak with the individual charged as soon as possible. An attorney may also try to interview witnesses who might tell a different story than what is being accused. At the same time, they may also obtain available police reports. The first report that is usually collected is the probable cause affidavit. This document allows the attorney to see what law enforcement may deem as a fact in the case and what they plan to use as evidence.

Prosecutor’s Burden of Proof in an Armed Robbery Case

In order for a prosecutor to prove an accusation of armed robbery, they must be able to should that the person charged took something by force from another individual without their consent. It must also be shown that the individual was armed during the course of the robbery with a firearm, deadly weapon, or any other form of weapon.

Type of Evidence Collected for an Armed Robbery Defense

The types of evidence a criminal lawyer might compile when defending a person charged with armed robbery include photographs, surveillance video, testimony from defense witnesses, eyewitnesses, or testimony from anyone who could lend factual insight as to what happened.

The facts cited in a defense may be different than what is in the initial police report because a suspect’s account is not always included in the probable cause affidavit or police report. An attorney may analyze the accused person’s version of events on a confidential basis to determine what else might have happened other than what is included in the police reports. In addition to examining police reports, a lawyer may visit the location of the alleged crime to see if anything at the scene is helpful to the person’s case.

Pros and Cons of Accepting a Plea Deal

Encouraging a person charged with armed robbery to take a plea deal depends on the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution’s case. It is easier to make a decision when a plea is in the person’s best interests with respect to what they are trying to accomplish, the chances of winning at trial are slim, the potential penalty if a jury verdict of guilty, or the overall results are more severe than what the result could be via a plea deal.

It is important to keep in mind that accepting a plea deal may have a detrimental impact on the person’s job, their livelihood, and their citizenship. However, when the plea deal is better than the risk taken by going to trial, the decision may lean towards accepting a plea deal.

Let Us Help You with Building a Ft. Lauderdale Armed Robbery Defense

A criminal defense attorney who understands the local procedures and parties involved, such as the prosecutors, judges, courtroom staff, and judicial staff, could prove to be a valuable asset to your case. They know the procedures of the local state attorney with respect to the prosecution of an armed robbery charge, the parameters of the minimum and maximum penalties, and the sentencing habits of the judge and the prosecutor.

With this in mind, contact our lawyers at Leifert & Leifert for help with building a Ft. Lauderdale armed robbery defense. Doing so could increase the chances of receiving a favorable outcome.

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