A robbery charge is one of the most serious offenses that you could be charged with in Fort Lauderdale. A Defendant facing a robbery charge may be confronted with severe consequences such as jail time, fines, and a felony conviction. If you are fighting a robbery charge, contact a seasoned lawyer who is experienced in building a Ft. Lauderdale robbery defense. Our skilled robbery attorneys at Leifert & Leifert could examine your case and determine which defense strategy could be most effective.

Robbery vs Theft

Robbery differs from theft in Florida law in that it involves force or a threat. Theft could be done with or without contact with another individual. For example, if an individual enters a person’s car without permission and takes their purse or wallet without force or violence, the crime is theft. However, if the person was inside the vehicle and their property was taken forcefully, the offense becomes a robbery.

When to Contact a Criminal Lawyer

A person charged with robbery should contact a Lawyer as soon as possible. An individual who was charged or is under suspicion of robbery should not have any contact with Law Enforcement. They should not make any statements for law enforcement and should not talk about the case with anyone expect a hired Attorney. As soon as someone believes they might be charged with robbery or are arrested or charged with robbery, they should contact a Lawyer who is capable of building a Ft. Lauderdale robbery defense.

Preparing a Defense

Preparing a defense for a robbery in Fort Lauderdale usually begins at the initial interview of the Defendant. When the criminal Lawyer interviews a Defendant, anything the individual says to their Attorney is covered by the attorney-client privilege. Nothing the Defendant says to their Lawyer may be disclosed to a police department or the prosecution. An Attorney may look at the viable defenses and determine whether witnesses need to be interviewed that might reveal any defenses or good evidence for the case. A Lawyer may also look for any evidence that speaks to a defense such as lack of evidence, creating reasonable doubt, evidence of misidentification, or evidence of valuation.

Negotiating a Lower Charge

There could be a multitude of circumstances where the Attorneys may be able to negotiate a robbery charge down to a theft charge. There may have been problems with the identification, lack of evidence, and memory issues with respect to state witnesses and the state’s case. If the government feels they have a good chance of losing after a trial date, they might be more likely to agree to a lesser charge rather than going to trial, taking up valuable government resources and court time, and taking the risk of a not-guilty verdict.

After compiling the facts, an Attorney will evaluate the chances of success at trial. If the chances are relatively low and a plea deal might result in a more favorable resolution, the Attorney may encourage the plaintiff to take a plea deal. A plea deal could allow the Defendant to avoid the harshest robbery penalties.

Communicating With an Attorney in Ft. Lauderdale

When contacting a criminal lawyer about robbery charges, a person should make available all the information about the case, any relationship that might be between them and the other party, any witnesses that were present that might shed additional light on the facts and circumstances. They should provide any information about their personal history that might help mitigate the case.

If the person was under duress, stress, financial stress, or medical issues, they should be prepared to discuss that along with their criminal history. That may include their stand in the community, whether they have a family and their employment situation. All these factors could be used to create a picture of the Defendant to educate the Prosecutor about the character of the person.

For more information about building a Ft. Lauderdale robbery defense, consult with one of our knowledgeable Attorneys today.

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