There are factors every driver should consider in case they become subject to Ft Lauderdale traffic stops. When a driver hears sirens or sees patrol lights in their rearview mirror, someone should check their surroundings, remain calm, be careful, and act as prudently and carefully as possible. They should check their surroundings and pay attention or focus on those patrol lights in their rearview mirror. When in doubt, contact an established traffic attorney following your stop.

How Does Someone Know What Law Enforcement is Seeking Out?

If they slow down and the police officer still remains behind them with their sirens on or their lights on, chances are they are attempting to pull the driver over. If that police officer or emergency vehicle goes around the driver, then they are going someplace else or attempting to pull over somebody else. They should remain calm, try to ascertain what the situation is, try not to make any aggressive or sudden moves, and try to pay attention to the law enforcement vehicle.

How Time of Day Could Impact Ft Lauderdale Traffic Stops

The less lighting there is in a particular area, in theory, the more dangerous it could be if the person is not able to take a look at their surroundings; they do not necessarily know what is there. More care needs to be taken in choosing the location at nighttime versus during the daytime.

For the most part, almost every place is a well-lit area during the day, but that is not the case at night. It is more important that a driver selects the potential location where they pull over with a higher degree of scrutiny at night versus during the day while keeping in mind that the longer an individual takes to pull over, especially if the police officer feels that there were prior opportunities to have stopped the vehicle, there is a possibility that that could wind up aggravating the situation.

What is the Role of the Driver When Being Pulled Over?

It could be impactful to not speak with an officer once they have pulled someone over. With that in mind, an individual would be within their rights to ask a police officer why they are being stopped. Short of that, anything that is said to a police officer, whether it be a situation where the person is involved in an allegation of a civil traffic infraction or of a criminal nature can be used as evidence against them. Individuals would be within their rights to respectfully ask the police officer why they are being stopped.

How to Handle Special Circumstances During a Traffic Stop

Choosing a place to pull over is the first assessment an individual should make during Ft Lauderdale traffic stops. If the driver is being stopped on a service street or local road, places would be the road itself. That is not optimal because one has the impediment of traffic issues that they look for, like side streets, parking lots, and driveways. If one is on a highway, they would look for a shoulder. An individual searching for what they deem a safe space to pull over could lead to charges for failure to obey a police officer or even the criminal charge of fleeing and eluding an officer.

If a driver is pulled over by an unmarked vehicle and the officer’s in plain clothes, drivers can ask the individual for identification to allow that individual to prove they are who they say they are. Things to avoid include having a bad or aggressive attitude, making sudden movements, and making threats against the police officer. Perhaps they can take longer than is reasonable to actually pull the person’s vehicle over. It can be critical to remain calm when being pulled over and speaking with an attorney following the stop.


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