When someone is stopped by a Law Enforcement officer in Fort Lauderdale, they should expect to be stopped by a marked vehicle or by an unmarked vehicle. When a Law Enforcement officer is not in uniform, their clothing should have some indication or marking that they are a Law Enforcement officer.

A person may be asked to stop by communication from the Law Enforcement officer using lights and/or sirens. Occasionally, officers in Fort Lauderdale conduct traffic stops while they are not in or on a vehicle. Some law officers conduct radar enforcement from a standing position. In other cases, an officer may direct an individual to stop by making a hand gesture, a motion, or signal letting the person know they are to pull over.

What to do When Sirens are Heard

When a driver of a motor vehicle sees lights and hears sirens, they should somehow communicate to the police officer that they are aware they are being pulled over. One way to do that is by making a hand gesture. Another is for the driver to put on turn signal or flash their hazards. The driver needs to give some indication that they know what is going on. Lastly, drivers should do their best to find a safe and secure place to stop their vehicle for their safety and the officer’s safety.

Process of a Traffic Stop in Fort Lauderdale

Initially, in a traffic stop, the individual is instructed by Law Enforcement officer to pull the vehicle over. The driver needs to acknowledge to the Law Enforcement officer that they are aware they need to pull their vehicle over. A location outside the flow of traffic is the optimal place to pull over. The driver should quickly look for a safe place to pull over without too much time passing. A parking lot, shoulder, or a side street are acceptable places to pull over. In many circumstances, that is not possible.

Picking a Location to Pull Over

It is a good idea for the driver to slow down and indicate to the officer that they are looking for a place to pull over. Most officers will gesture back for the individual to keep going or pick a different location. It is important to choose a location that is as safe as possible under the circumstances.

When there is no shoulder, the driver should slow down and come to a stop. They could expect the officer to cover the rest to engage in the traffic enforcement and traffic diversion for both the safety of themselves and the safety of the officer. They could communicate to the officer that they are attempting to find a place to pull over by illuminating a turn signal, putting their flashers on, or using hand gestures to point to a location they are trying to select as a safe place to pull over.

Being Pulled Over at Night

At night, a driver should pick a well-lit area if one is nearby. The approach does not change much with the exception of choosing a well-lit area for their own safety and the safety of the officer. A Law Enforcement officer might not feel comfortable in an area that is not well-lit when there are safer areas within a reasonable amount of distance that are illuminated.

Speak with an Attorney Today

When pulled over for committing a traffic offense, it is important to know that you always have the opportunity to speak with an Attorney if you have been charged. Doing so could allow you to gain insight regarding the process of building a defense for yourself.

To learn more about the benefits of working with an Attorney at Leifert & Leifert, be sure to schedule a consultation today.

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