The lawyers at Leifert & Leifert have been representing individuals charged or accused of shoplifting or retail theft since 1995. Thousands of clients in Broward County have turned to us for help with their shoplifting cases. The majority of clients have had their cases dismissed and their records expunged. If you need legal representation for your offense, consult with a Ft Lauderdale shoplifting lawyer today.

Potential Defense Strategies

We will always begin by examining your shoplifting case to determine if your case can be dismissed and eliminated from your record. We will defend your allegation of shoplifting utilizing the following strategies:

  • Reaching out to the Broward County’s Attorney’s Office – An arrest does not necessarily mean that formal charges will be filed. We will begin by contacting that State Attorney’s and explore options other than formal criminal prosecution.
  • Determine Defense Strategies – The best defense is an early defense. We will discuss and address the best ways to defend your shoplifting allegation looking towards dismissal, no conviction and clearing your record.
  • Eligibility for a Diversion Resulting in a Dismissal of your Shoplifting Case – We routinely are able to get shoplifting cases dismissed in West Palm Beach utilizing this approach. Eligibility is a function of your record and the facts of the case. The prosecutor has the discretion to establish the terms of the shoplifting diversion program but the requirements usually involve community service, brief classroom instruction or monetary payment. The obvious benefit of completing a diversion program or deferred prosecution agreement is the dismissal of your case.
  • Reach a Favorable Settlement with the Prosecutor – Experience is the key here. Having worked as prosecutors in West Palm Beach and now defending shoplifting cases throughout Palm Beach County ensures that we will look toward obtaining the best possible resolution of your case. Keeping your record as clean as possible is the primary goal.
  • Wiping your Shoplifting Case Off of Your Record – We have represented countless clients accused of shoplifting in the West Palm Beach area avoid conviction and achieve a records seal or expungement. The benefit of getting the case sealed or expunged is that, with some exceptions, the shoplifting charge will be removed from your record and will not appear on background checks.

A shoplifting charge can serious ramifications and cause significant damage to your reputation. It is critical that a shoplifting allegation be handled by an attorney with vast experience defending shoplifting cases. We have represented thousands of clients against allegations of shoplifting for well over two decades.

Contacting An Attorney

Contact one of our shoplifting defense lawyers at Leifert & Leifert for immediate assistance and a free consultation. We have offices throughout Palm Beach County and South Florida. Contact us now for the experience you deserve. Our vast experience defending shoplifting cases in Broward County puts us in the position to obtain the best possible for your case.

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