Any conviction of DUI can have an impact on your life and livelihood. However, a second offense—particularly within five years of a previous conviction—can have significant consequences. If you have been charged with a second-offense DUI in Plantation, it is vital to seek Legal Counsel that can help protect your rights.

When you defend yourself in Court, you are putting yourself at unnecessary risk. Given the steep penalties a second-offense DUI can bring, hiring an Attorney could be the best step you can take to avoid a conviction. Let a seasoned defense Attorney guide you as you fight back against these charges.

Penalties for a Second DUI

Any time a person in Plantation is convicted of a second DUI, the severity of the penalties they face will depend primarily on their prior criminal record. A person charged with a second DUI offense faces more severe penalties than a first-time offender.

Jail Time

The maximum Jail time for most second-offense DUI convictions is nine months. In many cases, there is no mandatory minimum sentence. That means a Judge could sentence a person to nine months with a suspended sentence that keeps them from ever serving another day in Jail. That is not an option in every DUI case, however.

If a person is convicted of a second DUI and the previous conviction was within the last five years, they must serve a minimum of 10 days in Jail, with at least 48 hours of their sentence served consecutively.


There are monetary penalties associated with second-offense DUI convictions as well. Most cases result in a fine between $1,000 and $2,000. The maximum fine can increase to $4,000 in cases where the accused has a blood alcohol concentration of .15 or greater.

License Suspension

The suspension of driving privileges is also a common penalty for a second DUI. In cases where the first conviction was recent, a court could revoke a license for as many as five years.

How to Get Your License Back After a Second DUI

Losing the privilege to operate a motor vehicle can be one of the most frustrating aspects of a second DUI conviction in Plantation. It is possible to reinstate a person’s driving privileges after a second DUI, but the process takes time.

The length of the license suspension will depend on how long ago the first conviction was. If the first sentence was more than five years prior, a person convicted of a second DUI would have their privilege to drive suspended for between six and twelve months. During this time, a hardship license is not an option. If the first conviction was more recent, the revocation period could last five years.

In either case, it could be possible to reinstate a license when the revocation period ends. However, it is necessary to provide the state with proof of completion in a DUI school or treatment, depending on the Court’s order.

Talk to an Attorney About a Second Offense DUI in Plantation

Being charged with a second DUI can be a stressful experience. Your freedom is on the line, and the consequences of a conviction are significant. The good news is that you have the right to defend yourself. Let a skilled Attorney develop your defense strategy after a second-offense DUI in Plantation. Call our firm today to discuss your legal options.

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