The three letters D-U-I leave most people with the mental picture of a person driving while under the influence of alcohol. However, the law also targets motorists that are allegedly impaired by controlled substances. These arrests might be less common than cases involving alcohol but frequently result in DUI convictions.

If you have been charged with a drug-related DUI, you could benefit from a skilled defense Attorney’s guidance. These charges are defensible, and you might be able to avoid a conviction with the right defense strategy. Let a Plantation drug DUI Lawyer help you develop a winning strategy.

Penalties for a DUI Drug Conviction

Before state Prosecutors can convict a person of a drug-related DUI, they must prove beyond a reasonable doubt the accused was impaired by a controlled substance while driving. When the state meets this burden, it is the Court’s responsibility to hand down a sentence. A drug DUI Attorney in Plantation can fight back against a conviction and lobby a Court for a lesser sentence.

The penalties for a drug-related DUI are not uniform. A crucial factor in these cases is the number of prior DUI convictions on your record. For example, a first-time offender faces a maximum of six months in Jail and a fine of $1,000. A Court will not sentence many first-time offenders to any additional Jail time.

The outcome of these cases differs for those with a previous conviction in the last five years. In this situation, the sentence could last up to nine months, and the maximum fine is $2,000. A third conviction in a ten-year span is a Felony charge that could lead to as much as five years in Prison.

Defense Strategies for DUI Drug Cases

There are different ways to approach defending a DUI drug charge. An Attorney in Plantation can rely on any of the following strategies depending on the facts of a DUI drugs case.

Unlawful Traffic Stop

The Police are not allowed to stop motorists without a valid reason. There must be probable cause that a driver committed a crime or traffic offense before Law Enforcement can pull them over. An illegal traffic stop could result in a court throwing out the evidence collected by Police illegally.

No Evidence of Impairment

The state must prove a person was impaired at the time they were driving. If there is no chemical test reflecting controlled substances in the driver’s system, an Attorney could make the case they were not impaired.

Not in Control of a Vehicle

Most DUI cases involve an Officer pulling over a driver they suspect is intoxicated. However, the law also allows the Police to make an arrest when a person is in physical control of a vehicle. This means they are in a position to drive immediately, even if the car is not moving at the time of an arrest. An Attorney could provide evidence a Defendant was not in control of a vehicle.

Call a Plantation Drug DUI Attorney Right Away

If you were charged with a drug-related DUI, it is essential to seek out Legal Counsel as soon as possible. Penalties for this offense could change your future. Our team is ready to help protect your rights. Do not delay seeking help from a Legal Representative. Reach out to a Plantation drug DUI Lawyer immediately to build your defense.

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