Every DUI accusation can come with harsh consequences. For most people, these cases will move forward as Misdemeanors. Even so, a conviction can result in a Jail sentence, heavy fines, and a loss of license.

Others will need to deal with Felony accusations. Here, a conviction is almost certain to result in a Prison sentence and will follow you for the foreseeable future. Consulting with a knowledgeable Attorney today can help you understand Plantation DUI penalties and allow you to decide how to move forward.

Criminal Convictions Can Come with a Jail or Prison Sentence

Most people’s main concern after an arrest for suspected drunk driving is the potential Jail time that can come with a conviction. The possibility of time spent in Jail depends upon the circumstances that led to an arrest and a person’s prior criminal history.

For people with no prior criminal record involving DUI and no aggravating factors, a conviction is a Misdemeanor and can never result in a Jail sentence of more than six months. If a person has one prior conviction, the Jail sentence may stretch to as long as nine months and comes with a mandatory ten-day sentence.

If a person has two or more DUI convictions in the past ten years, a case will move forward as a Felony. Here, convictions can result in a Prison sentence of as long as five years. Felony charges can also result from situations where a person other than the defendant suffers serious bodily harm or dies due to the incident. Here, penalties can be as long as 30 years in Prison. An Attorney in Plantation can further explain potential criminal DUI penalties.

Loss of License and Fines After a DUI Conviction

Potential Jail time is not the only possible consequence of a drunk driving conviction. These events can have severe impacts on a person’s finances and ability to drive.

A first conviction will bring a fine of between $500 and $1,000. It will also include a 180-day loss of license. Second convictions raise the possible penalty to as much as $2,000, and the loss of license will increase to up to five years. People seeking to drive again will need to install an interlock ignition system on their vehicle. Finally, Felony convictions will result in even larger fines and may convince a Court to end a driver’s privileges permanently. A Lawyer in Plantation can fully explain the administrative and financial penalties that accompany all drunk driving convictions.

Speak with an Attorney Now to Better Understand Plantation DUI Penalties

All DUI cases are serious matters. Even a first conviction can result in a Jail sentence, a loss of license for 180 days, and the payment of heavy fines. Subsequent convictions are Misdemeanors with a mandatory ten-day Jail sentence and a multi-year loss of license. If the case is a Felony, Prison sentences may last many years.

An Attorney can provide more information about Plantation DUI penalties. They can explain the exact stakes in your case, determine what penalties a Prosecutor may pursue, and develop a defense that can lower the chances of a severe outcome. Speak with Leifert & Leifert today to learn more.

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