Hit and run accidents are serious matters. When you leave the scene of a crash, you could be at risk of criminal charges. A conviction could result in serious consequences, including incarceration and monetary fines.

Arrests for these offenses can occur at different points. You could face an arrest shortly after leaving the scene of a crash, or an arrest could occur following a thorough investigation. In any case, the guidance of one of our dedicated defense Attorneys at Leifert & Leifert can be invaluable following Plantation hit-and-run arrests.

When Can Police Make an Arrest for Leaving the Scene of an Accident?

Leaving the scene of an accident is a criminal offense under state law. While the Police must have legal grounds to make an arrest, they do not have to establish your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. If the Police have probable cause that a driver was involved in a hit and run accident in Plantation, they can make an arrest.

Of course, an arrest is not appropriate every time a person leaves the scene of a collision. Under the law, a motorist must remain at the crash until Police arrive under certain circumstances. These include cases of bodily injuries, fatalities, or substantial property damage. When a driver is involved in a collision with little to no property damage, they are not obligated to remain at the scene.

When Do Hit and Run Arrests Happen?

An arrest following a hit-and-run accident can happen at different times. Often, the Police will investigate in the moments after a hit and run collision. When a Police Officer is patrolling near the scene of the crash, they can often track down the driver. This is possible through a combination of visible damage to the vehicle and the description of the driver that left the scene of the collision.

Not all arrests occur immediately after the hit and run accident in Plantation. Police are often able to make an arrest even though they do not locate and identify the driver immediately. When a witness records the license plate number of the driver that left the scene, it can be possible to track down the owner of the vehicle through state records. This often results in an arrest for leaving the location of the crash at a later time.

Penalties Associated with Hit and Runs

Hit and run convictions come with steep consequences. The law treats this offense as a Misdemeanor or a Felony, depending on the circumstances. The charge is a Misdemeanor when property damage is involved and carries a maximum penalty of 60 days in Jail. Leaving the scene following an injury is a Felony offense. It can result in up to five years in Prison.

These penalties are not associated with a hit and run arrest in Plantation but, instead, a conviction. A strong defense can help a person accused of leaving the scene of a crash avoid a conviction.

Talk to an Attorney After a Hit and Run Arrest

You do not have to face allegations of leaving the scene of an accident alone. Criminal cases related to a hit and run can lead to severe consequences. Acting as your own Attorney could increase your chances of a conviction. Talk to our Lawyers today to learn about your legal options following Plantation hit-and-run arrests.

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