If the authorities in Wellington charge your child with a crime, you are likely going to be concerned with how a conviction could affect their future. Such convictions can carry tough penalties up to and including detention in a juvenile facility, and a charge of any kind can be severely disruptive for a child’s education, family life, or future opportunities.

Thankfully, a skilled Wellington juvenile defense lawyer could help protect your child against such penalties and defend their rights. The best step you can take to help your child avoid a criminal conviction may be to call an experienced criminal defense attorney today.

Common Juvenile Charges

There are significant differences between the juvenile criminal process and the adult criminal process. Since minors’ brains are not fully developed, they will usually be considered less responsible for their actions than an adult would. However, even if a minor is not charged as an adult, they can still face life-altering penalties if convicted.

There are many different ways that a minor might face juvenile criminal charges, including but not limited to:

Any minor facing these or other charges would benefit from seeking the guidance of an experienced Wellington juvenile defense attorney.

How Could a Charged Minor Avoid Prosecution?

Minors charged with any crime might sometimes be able to avoid prosecution by undergoing a diversion program instead. Juvenile diversion programs are designed to help minors avoid criminal conviction for their actions. These programs recognize that kids make mistakes and focus on rehabilitation rather than punishment.

These diversion programs require that the juvenile complete specified requirements, such as community service, obeying a curfew, completing alcohol and drug awareness education courses, undergoing counseling, and apologizing and paying restitution to any victims of their actions. The exact program requirements will depend on the criminal charge the juvenile faces.

Minors who successfully complete a diversion program will not undergo criminal prosecution. This means they will not face the risk of conviction and subsequent legal penalties, including detention.

Qualifying for Juvenile Diversion

It is important to note that not every minor facing a criminal charge qualifies for a juvenile diversion program. The Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) determines whether a minor defendant qualifies for diversion, or whether their case will be referred for criminal prosecution. The DJJ considers numerous factors when making their recommendation for a diversion program. Very often, we are able to intervene and help get our clients accepted into one of these programs.

The juvenile’s criminal record—or lack thereof—is a major factor in this consideration. Minor defendants who do not qualify for a diversion program could face traditional criminal prosecution instead.

If a family is unsure about whether their accused child would qualify for a juvenile diversion program, a seasoned Wellington lawyer could assess their situation and offer a final verdict.

If Convicted, Can a Juvenile Go to Jail?

Whether or not a juvenile defendant goes to jail upon conviction will often depend on the situation. Many juvenile charges are non-violent misdemeanors, such as underage possession of alcohol or disorderly conduct.

Often, juveniles convicted of a misdemeanor may be sentenced to community service, fines, probation, or other penalties. Whether or not their sentence includes incarceration depends on the severity of the crime, as well as their prior criminal records. Minors convicted of a felony, such as robbery or arson, could be incarcerated in a juvenile detention facility. A Wellington juvenile defense lawyer could attempt to mitigate the severity of the penalties that an individual may face.

Consulting a Wellington Juvenile Defense Attorney

If your child is facing any type of charges, then do not hesitate to contact a Wellington juvenile defense lawyer right away. Your attorney could examine all of the aspects of your child’s case and advise you of your best legal options going forward. Speak with a dedicated lawyer that could advocate for your child and protect their rights.

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