All drivers involved in collisions in Wellington that result in property damage or physical injury have an obligation to remain at the scene. Violations of these laws are not simple traffic matters. In fact, fleeing the scene of an accident can result in prosecution for Felony-level charges. This means an arrest under these laws has the impact to affect every part of your life.

Understanding the hit and run penalties in Wellington is crucial to any defense. Knowledge about these cases also helps drivers better comprehend their responsibilities while behind the wheel and what to expect if they face an arrest and prosecution. A knowledgeable hit and run Attorney can help you understand the consequences and build a defense that protects your rights.

Penalties for Leaving the Scene of Physical Injury or Death

The most serious examples of hit and run penalties involve physical injuries or deaths to other people. As a rule, all people must stop at the scene of any collision. However, those involving injuries are the most severe examples. Florida Statute § 316.027 creates an obligation to remain at the scene of these incidents and to summon medical help. Failures to do so are Felonies of the second degree. This means that convictions can bring a Prison sentence of as long as 30 years and create a permanent criminal record.

An Attorney could help dispute allegations that a driver has left the scene of a collision involving physical injury or death. This includes presenting evidence that a person did remain long enough for help to arrive or that their injuries were severe enough to prevent them from calling the Police. A solid defense for a hit and run case in Wellington can lessen an individual’s penalties.

What are the Consequences of Leaving the Scene of Property Damage?

Thankfully, not all hit and run allegations are Felonies. If the incident does not involve another person suffering an injury, the case will move forward as a Misdemeanor. However, drivers still need to take caution when facing these allegations.

Florida Stat. § 316.061 requires drivers to remain at the scene of a collision involving property damage. This may be damage to another vehicle, building, or object, such as a fence. The driver must provide their identifying information to the owner of that property. It is also a good idea to call the Police for an official report.

Convictions here are still criminal matters. Misdemeanor cases will still create a criminal record upon conviction. In addition, a conviction can bring a Jail sentence of as long as 60 days and require a person to pay a fine of as much as $500. These hit and run penalties can still significantly affect an individual’s life in Wellington.

Contact an Attorney Now for More Information About the Hit and Run Penalties in Wellington

All drivers must remain at the scene of a crash if there is any property damage or injury to another person. When the event causes property damage, they must provide information about themselves to the property’s owner. In the event of injury, they must remain at the scene and summon medical help.

Failure to do so can bring disastrous consequences. Property damage cases will move forward as Misdemeanors where convictions can still bring Jail time. Fleeing the scene of an injury or death is a Felony that comes with the presumption of Prison sentences. Speak with a Lawyer today to learn more about the hit and run penalties in Wellington. Our team of Attorneys at Leifert & Leifert is ready to help you build a defense.

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