Roommate violence is an offense that falls under the domestic violence umbrella because of the implied domestic relationship between the two individuals.If people are roommates in a domestic relationship, they can be charged with domestic violence in West Palm Beach. If they are just roommates and they split the rent but there is no domestic relationship between them, then it would not be domestic violence, it may be a regular battery or regular assault, but it would not be domestic violence unless there was a domestic relationship between the roommates beyond just splitting the rent. If you have been charged with a roommate violence offense and now face West Palm Beach roommate violence penalties, speak with a distinguished roommate violence lawyer that could pursue a positive outcome for you.

Defining Roommate Violence

Violence that is not characterized as domestic will be considered general violence. It will be considered a general crime of assault and battery, which is characterized as non-domestic because there would be no domestic relationship between the parties. A person charged with domestic violence could consider contacting a domestic violence lawyer because the law is the same. A battery is a battery. An assault is an assault. It is just the circumstances that are different. If an individual commits an act of violence against their roommate, they could face roommate violence penalties for their offense in West Palm Beach.

Immediate Criminal Consequences of Roommate Violence

The roommate violence penalties that an individual in West Palm Beach would face include getting arrested for the offense, if the officer who arrives on the scene has a reasonable suspicion that the violence did occur. The person can be arrested for domestic violence, battery, assault, or domestic battery and will be held overnight in jail for as long as 24 hours until they can see a judge. They will not be allowed to bond out or be released until a judge reviews the case and has had an opportunity to speak with the alleged victim to see whether or not it is appropriate to let that person out of jail and whether or not it is appropriate to let the person have any contact with their accuser.

Long-Term Consequences of Roommate Violence

The long-term consequences of any conviction, especially roommate violence, domestic violence, or battery, can be numerous and also unforeseen. If someone is a licensed professional, there is a good chance that a conviction of any crime of violence will affect their livelihood. For instance, if someone is a physical therapist and are accused of inappropriately touching someone in a violent way, the state licensing board is going to revoke their license. They are going to deem it unsafe to allow that person to have professional contact with vulnerable people.

A conviction of any crime, especially a violent crime like roommate violence, can affect a person’s livelihood and lifestyle in West Palm Beach. A person would want to avoid having a roommate violence, domestic violence, or any criminal conviction on their record because there are long-term consequences to their current job, their future livelihood, and their lifestyle that they are able to sustain because of the work that they do and their chosen profession. This is especially true for someone who is a medical professional, a doctor, a nurse, or a nurse assistant; anyone that deals with vulnerable people would not be with those vulnerable people if there was a conviction on their record for fear that they would be violent with one of their patients. The same goes for a teacher. Any conviction for any violent crime would be a problem to a person’s ability to make a living and their ability to maintain their lifestyle.

Value of an Attorney to Understand West Palm Beach Roommate Violence Penalties

If you face roommate violence charges, you need to have a lawyer who is local and understands how the laws are enforced, interpreted, and decided here in West Palm Beach. You need an attorney who is experienced in dealing with those things. Work with a capable legal team that could mitigate the West Palm Beach roommate violence penalties that you may face. Call today to discuss your defense options.

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