Conditions of probation are a person’s general terms of probation, which are that they have to report to their probation officer, stay out of trouble, pay the privilege of reporting, and not change their address without informing their probation officer first. The specific terms of probation depend on a person’s sentence. If you have been charged with a DUI and want to know more about the conditions of probation for a West Palm Beach DUI, consult a knowledgeable DUI lawyer that can help.

What to Expect Following a DUI While Probation

A person might face a warrant for their arrest, but they are also looking at a warrant for their arrest for continuing criminal conduct, which poses a danger to the community. That being said, that danger may not as be as imminent if the person is on probation for an offense unrelated to substance use.

If a person is on probation for something serious like a burglary or a robbery, then the DUI would be a violation of their probation and the judge will issue a warrant for their arrest but it is just another episode of continuing bad conduct.

Typical Conditions of Probation

The typical conditions of probation for a West Palm Beach DUI are as follows: a person has to report once a month to a probation officer, they have to pay a fee for the privilege of being able to report to that probation officer and typically they would report to a probation officer that works close to where they live.

What Happens if the Person Lives Out-of-State?

If a person lives out of state or out of the jurisdiction and on DUI probation, they would be allowed to report to probation by mail. Besides having to report once a month by mail and pay once a month, they must not violate any other laws, leave the state without any prior approval from their probation officer, or change their address without prior approval.

DUI Specific Conditions of Probation

Specific conditions of probation will depend upon what a person’s sentence is and the judge will hand those up when their case is resolved. One of the conditions of probation for a West Palm Beach DUI  is being forbidden to possess or consume any alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, or controlled substances without a valid prescription. The individual will also be subject to random testing for alcohol and various substances.

Other conditions of probation for a West Palm Beach DUI include:

  • Paying fines and court costs determined by the judge
  • DUI school
  • Completing  50-100 hours of community service depending on their charges
  • Attending the Victim Impact Panel
  • License suspension
  • Potential immobilization of their vehicle

Committing a DUI While on Probation for a Drug Offense

If a person is on probation for a drug offense and they committed a DUI, that will be or similar to if they were on probation for a DUI and picked up a new DUI charge. Drugs and alcohol are the same type of thing, a person is a danger to himself or herself or he or she is a danger to the community, depending upon the facts and circumstances of the case and the drug they were originally on probation for. Any subsequent alcohol or drug-related case that they are arrested or charged with when they are probation for a prior alcohol or drug related case is treated seriously.

The person who is committing these offenses is seen as having a problem with their alcohol or substance abuse and posing a danger to themselves and the community, so the presumption will be that the only way to control the person is in jail. Experienced West Palm Beach DUI attorneys and probation attorneys can navigate all of these circumstances in the Courts to present a person’s situation the best possible light to attempt to preserve their liberty, freedom, and livelihood. Individuals who are concerned about violating the conditions of a West Palm Beach DUI, should consult a qualified DUI lawyer that can help.

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