If you have been charged with a DUI, there is a very good chance that you are going to have to attend a DUI school. One requirement in DUI school is undergoing a substance abuse evaluation. While it sounds quite intimidating, evaluations can actually be quite helpful and simple. The purpose of substance abuse evaluations is to determine whether an individual has a substance abuse problem and then decide what course of action to take, depending on the results. The consequences of a substance abuse evaluation in West Palm Beach range from receiving outpatient treatment to receiving no treatment at all, based on the results of the exam. Consult a knowledgeable DUI lawyer if you would like to know more.

Substance Evaluation Process

Substance abuse evaluations typically last about an hour. The individual being evaluated must appear in person for these evaluations and they must also present the probable cause affidavit or the police report as it relates to the DUI. An evaluator will review that report and the defendant, the person who is being evaluated, the client, will also fill out a fairly extensive questionnaire, detailing their lifestyle issues as far as what they do, what their education is, how often do they drink, when they drink, what they drink, do they use any other drugs, and so the person will do a psychological profile of the client, specifically as it relates to lifestyle and use of substances, whether it be alcohol, prescription drugs or recreational drugs.

They will also look at the facts and circumstances of the case and determine whether or not they think there is a pattern of substance abuse or perhaps an issue with addictive behavior towards substance abuse. If the evaluator feels that there is something there, then they will refer that person to treatment.

Consequences of an Evaluation That Indicates Substance Abuse

The consequences of consequences of a substance abuse evaluation in West Palm Beach indicate that a pattern of substance abuse would result in a recommendation that a person complete some type of counseling, and the counseling can be anything. It could be outpatient counseling or inpatient counseling. It could be in group sessions or individual sessions, but if the person who does the evaluation indicates that there is a possible pattern of substance abuse, it is that professional’s job to recommend treatment.

Consequences of an Evaluation That Indicates Addictive Behavior

The consequences of a substance abuse evaluation in West Palm Beach that shows addictive behavior would also result in a recommendation for some type of counseling. It may not be the same addictive behavior as it is as the pattern for the substance because it depends what the person is addicted to. It is really only if the person has an addictive behavior as it relates to alcohol or other controlled substances. There are no consequences. After a thorough evaluation with a discussion of the case at hand and after that evaluation, if there is no indication or tendency towards future problems for substance abuse, the recommendation from the evaluation should be that no further treatment was recommended or required.

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