There are various benefits to utilizing the testimony of expert witnesses in West Palm Beach DUI cases. The most common expert seen in a prosecutor’s DUI presentation is typically a toxicologist. Their qualifications and experience in testing can support their opinion of the accused’s level of intoxication during the time of the alleged incident. Contact an experienced DUI attorney before heading to trial to learn more about what testimonies can benefit the overall outcome of your case.

What Can A Prosecutor’s Witness Contribute to Their Case?

The prosecution can use an accident reconstruction expert to talk about an accident scene and how they believe the accident occurred. Typically, they assess elements such as speed, motion, breaking, and corrective action. Those with experience in drug recognition could also appear as expert witnesses in West Palm Beach DUI cases. Although those are rarely seen in Palm Beach County, they are available. Other experts that can be called are experts in relation to the breath testing to interpret the results. An expert can return and talk about what the results mean by relating them back to evidence from the scene of the DUI stop.

Who is a Drug Recognition Expert?

A drug recognition expert or a DRE is someone who can perform or who can purportedly perform a series of exercises on a person who is suspected of being under the influence of drugs rather than alcohol, and that expert might be able to testify that they, as the expert, believes that the client or defendant is under the influence of drugs or a particular drug based upon the physical examination and other factors that were performed on your client.

Role of a Defense Expert Witness

The defense can also utilize the opinions of expert witnesses in West Palm Beach DUI cases. An attorney can call on an expert to do accident reconstruction and say that the accused individual is not at fault. The benefit of calling a separate expert is that two people can look at the same set of data and interpret it differently.

The defense can call a drug recognition expert or an expert in the science of the intoxylizers and breathalyzers to talk about the machine. Those experienced in blood alcohol testing machines can show where there are flawed mechanics, maintenance, administration, or inaccurate results.

An attorney should know who to call in as an expert when trying to interpret how an accident may have happened. This selection is very important because, while the expert testifies, the attorney will also be trying to rebut the presumption or allegation that the accused. If there is a blood, urine, or blood test in evidence, an attorney can hire a toxicologist to testify on behalf of the individual they represent. An individual and an attorney are entitled to an independent test of that evidence.

Benefits of Working with an Attorney

The benefit of having an experienced legal aide throughout your case is your ability to utilize their ability to select expert witnesses in West Palm Beach DUI cases. They can investigate the strength of the prosecution’s evidence. In court, they could try combatting that evidence from a breath, blood or urine test should not be submissable. A lawyer can begin this argument by questioning the level of accuracy and reliability of the tools that took the BAC tests that the prosecution relies on to prove their case. A lawyer can call on an expert in these areas who can form their own independent expert analysis to give their own independent opinion before the court. It is important that a DUI attorney knows that these experts are available, and has experience working with them.


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