The United States Constitution provides citizens and residents the right to own firearms. While sensible gun ownership is a legal right, you could lose that right when you fail to follow regulations.

Florida gun laws have changed significantly in recent years. Although the State gives some gun owners responsibility over their firearms, they must follow strictly enforced statutes. Call a West Palm Beach concealed weapons lawyer when you or a loved one is facing charges and need help planning your defense. At Leifert & Leifert, our skilled gun attorneys have the experience to fight and win your case.

Qualifications for Carrying a Gun in West Palm Beach

A recent law change in Florida allows responsible gun owners to carry concealed firearms without permits. The new law encourages gun ownership and training to be a personal responsibility rather than a legal duty; however, the Federal and State statutory rules to purchase firearms have not changed.

Anyone who does not meet the age requirement of 21, complete a background check, or adhere to the three-day wait period could face concealed weapon charges. According to Florida Statutes § 790.013, you must always have government-issued identification when carrying a concealed weapon.

Police and Law Enforcement Officials can demand concealed firearm carriers present their identification anytime for any reason. A hardworking Lawyer in West Palm Beach could explain concealed weapons laws in detail during a consultation.

Conviction for Unlawfully Carrying a Concealed Firearm Penalties

Penalties for unlawfully carrying a concealed weapon are severe. The Felony level will depend on the specific circumstances. However, the State typically classifies them as a Third-Degree Felony. A guilty conviction could result in a criminal record, spending up to five years in a State Prison, supervised probation, and up to $5,000 in fines.

Elements Needed To Prove Guilt

The State Prosecutor must prove that you knowingly or purposely carried a firearm or other weapon on your person, intentionally concealing it. The statute defines your person as physically and effortlessly accessible for use at any time.

Defense Strategies Against Concealed Carry Charges

Some potential defense strategies against concealed carry charges include:

  • You meet the requirements to possess the firearm lawfully
  • You are practicing self-defense after receiving a credible threat of bodily harm
  • There is a lack of probable cause for the Law Enforcement Officers to carry out the search
  • The firearm in question is an antique gun and is exempt from State gun regulations
  • The weapon belongs to someone else, and you were never in possession or control of it
  • You are unaware of the firearm’s presence, such as in a car, bag, or backpack without your knowledge

A concealed firearm Attorney in West Palm Beach has the experience to help you identify the most effective defense strategy in your case.

Call a Concealed Weapons Attorney in West Palm Beach For Help With a Case

Firearms and gun ownership laws have an extensive and complicated history. Despite the arguments surrounding this topic, law-abiding citizens have the legal right to own firearms. Florida statutes allow concealed carry without a permit to those who meet the criteria.

Even so, an arrest for illegally carrying a concealed weapon has severe and lasting consequences on your future. Call Leifert & Leifert to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced West Palm Beach concealed weapons lawyers. Our attorneys have the experience to help prepare a strong defense and protect your legal rights.

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